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Some useful expressions in unit 13

Chinese diet Western diet A healthy diet A diet of healthy food Junk food. Be rich in fibre Be low in sugar Be high in salt Contain too much fat Have …for breakfast. Some useful expressions in unit 13. Words and expressions in unit 13. junk.

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Some useful expressions in unit 13

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  1. Chinese diet Western diet A healthy diet A diet of healthy food Junk food Be rich in fibre Be low in sugar Be high in salt Contain too much fat Have …for breakfast Some useful expressions in unit 13

  2. Words and expressions in unit 13

  3. junk • Things that are considered useless or of little value. • Eg. You read too much junk. • Junk food • Food eaten as a snack and usually thought to be not good for one’s health. • Eg. Potato crisps, hamburger • So generally speaking, junk food is usually the food that is rich in fat, sugar or so.

  4. fat • Eg. Vegetable fats are healthier than animal fats.

  5. vitamin • Pork is rich in vitamin B1.

  6. snack • Snack / snake • Small meal, usually eaten in a hurry, especially between main meals. • Eg. Usually I only have a snack at lunchtime.

  7. stomach • It’s unwise to swim on a full stomach. • I don’t like going to work on an empty stomach. • ( without having eaten anything)

  8. fever • Have a high fever

  9. sharon

  10. salad

  11. peach

  12. ripe • Are the apples ripe enough to eat yet?

  13. ought • Ought to / ought not to (表示责任和义务) • we ought to start at once. • You ought to say you are sorry. • They oughtn’t to let their dog run on the road. • Ought I to write to say Thank you? • Yes. I think you ought (to).

  14. examine • Examine / examination • The doctor examined his patient carefully.

  15. plenty • Plenty of (可数或不可数都可) • Plenty of eggs • Plenty of money

  16. energy • Energy / energetic • Ability to act or work with strength and eagerness • He is full of energy. • His work seemed to lock energy. • It is a waste of time and energy. • Energetic= full of energy / done with energy • An energetic child

  17. soft • Soft drink / spirits / spirit

  18. A bar of chocolate bar

  19. fuel • Material burned to produce heat or power. (wood), (coal), (oil). • Refuel=(be filled up with fuel)

  20. diet • Limited variety or amount of food that a person is allowed to eat, for medical reasons or in order to lose weight. • Be on a diet • Go on a diet • Put on a diet • The doctor says I have got to go on a diet.

  21. Calorie= cal • Unit for measuring a quantity of heat.

  22. Keep up with • Keep up with the pace of … • She likes to keep up with the latest fashion

  23. Make a choice • We are faced with a difficult choice. • What influenced you most in your choice of career? • He had no choice but to resign. • If I had the choice, I would retire at thirty.

  24. Nutrient /nutrition /nutritious

  25. protein • Be low in protein • Be high in protein=be rich in protein

  26. muscle • The heart is made of muscle.

  27. bean

  28. calcium

  29. dairy • Dairy / diary / daily

  30. product • Product / production • A company known for its high quality products. • Production must become more efficient.

  31. carbohydrate

  32. Fibre (fiber)

  33. mineral

  34. function • The sofa can also function as a bed.

  35. Vegetarian / vegan

  36. yoghurt

  37. Eco-food

  38. organic

  39. chemical

  40. balance • Keep the balance • Lose the balance

  41. supplement • Supplement to sth • The money I get from teaching the piano is a useful supplement to my ordinary income.

  42. fit • In good health • He keeps himself fit by running. • He has been ill and is not fit for work yet. • Good enough for sb or sth • The food is not fit for human to eat.

  43. unit • The family as the unit of society • The meter is the unit of length.

  44. digest • Change food in the stomach so that it can be used by the body. • Fish is easy to digest when you’re ill. • It takes hours for a meal to digest • Fully understand • Have you digested the book yet?

  45. gain • No pains, no gains.

  46. sleepy • Needing or ready to go to sleep • Feel sleepy • Look sleepy • That beer made me quite sleepy.

  47. Annie

  48. refuel

  49. Now and then • I like to go to the opera now and then.

  50. brain • He has very little brain. • She has an excellent brain.

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