music for a special event
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Music For A Special Event

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Music For A Special Event - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Music For A Special Event. Would Christmas Be Cristmas. I think that if Christmas did not have music it would not be a joyful. There would not be Christmas carols and as a result people would be further apart. Would Celebration There Be Celebration?.

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would christmas be cristmas
Would Christmas Be Cristmas
  • I think that if Christmas did not have music it would not be a joyful. There would not be Christmas carols and as a result people would be further apart.
would celebration there be celebration
Would Celebration There Be Celebration?
  • Well no, Without music there would be no or significantly less celebration. The party’s would be silent and the church services boring. Everybody Would be bored.
would charities be affected
Would Charities Be Affected?
  • Well yes; lots of people do carol singing to houses for charities or just a charity church carol services. An example of this is the St.Peaters Cristingle carol service

They donate money to save

The children charity

would t v be affected
Would T.V Be Affected?
  • Definitely. At the time of Christmas there are many programs broadcasted of music and orcrastreas. For example there is a special edition of Songs Of Praise

And a special seasonal edition

Of top of the pops.

would radio be affected
Would Radio Be Affected?
  • Well come on people. Raido is all for music. At this time of year there are even more songs. With many many carols being played on the radio from Kiss FM to Classic

Many different stations play

songs as it makes people


would people still enjoy christmas
Would People Still Enjoy Christmas
  • Well yes. Although they would still enjoy it they would probably not enjoy it as much. I know many families where on Christmas eve on Christmas day they sing around there table as they are having their
  • Christmas dinner with
  • family.
would the atmosphere be the same
Would the atmosphere be the same.
  • Well no. The Christmas atmosphere tends to be a very musical one this is because people are so used to listening to music that it would be abnormal for this to occur and

It would be a weird


would people notice the lack of music
Would people notice the lack of music
  • There is no way that people wouldn’t notice the lack of music. Music is imporantsombody would want to restart it or just want it back again. People would be deeply affected by the lack of music and it could
  • in extreme circumstances
  • Could cause depression
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