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Medieval Ages

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Medieval Ages
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Medieval Ages

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  1. Medieval Ages By: Christopher Awram Continue

  2. Main Menu Start Game Instructions Credits Back

  3. Instructions 1. Your job is to complete all the questions in each adventure. 2. If you want to quit the game then press Esc. on your keyboard. 3. Please do not click unless it is on a button. 4. You will need to turn on your volume to hear some sounds in the game. 5. Have fun!! Back

  4. Credits Game Maker Christopher Awram Teacher Mr. Banack Class Surveyed Grade 8 D&T Class Background Image Back

  5. YOU WIN!!! Back

  6. YOU LOSE….. Back

  7. Adventures The Vikings Beowulf Bonus!! Religion Feudal System Back

  8. The Vikings The Vikings were great warriors who constantly pillaged Europe. They were widely feared, they came , they would kill, burn, pillage, and then leave. It was a long time before anybody could stop them. Start Adventure Back

  9. The Vikings #1 What day in 855 did the Viking force attack Paris? Christmas Easter Sunday Easter Monday St. Patricks Day

  10. The Vikings #2 What was the payment the Vikings took from terrified rulers? Danegeld Wergild Skald Hrotgeld

  11. The Vikings #3 What were Viking slaves called? Thralls Skalds Freydis Gauls

  12. The Vikings #4 Where did Vikings like to live? Near Rivers Near Mountains Near Fjords Grassy Plains

  13. Beowulf Beowulf is an epic about bravery, slaying monsters and saving a kingdom. How much do you know about this story? Test your knowledge and see you can answer the hard questions. Start Adventure Back

  14. Beowulf #1 Who gave Beowulf the sword Hrunting? Hrothgar Hrotgar Wiglaf Unferth

  15. Beowulf #2 Who is Beowulf’s uncle? Ecgtheow Wulfgar Hygelac Hrothgar

  16. Beowulf #3 Who helped Beowulf kill the Dragon? Wulfgar Unferth Scyld Shefing Wiglaf

  17. Beowulf #4 How long does Beowulf rule Geatland? 40 Years 50 Years 20 Years 60 Years

  18. Religion Religion was a huge controlling force in the Middle Ages. People were a lot easier to control by making them believe in something otherworldly. Because of its great power lots of wars were fought over religion. This is why it was a very important part of life. Start Adventure Back

  19. Religion #1 From where is Judaism originated? Iran Israel Constantipole Babylon

  20. Religion #2 In what European region do a major population of Muslims live? North-Eastern Region British Isles Scandinavian Region Balkan Region

  21. Religion #3 In what year did the Roman emperor Constantine convert to Christianity? 133 331 313 311

  22. Religion #4 Where was Christianity founded? Byzantine Palestine Greece Rome

  23. Feudal System When William the Conquerer came to Europe he brought with him the Fedual System. A way of life that was very structured and used land as a basis of wealth. Nobles had all the power while the common people worked on the farms. How much do you know about this revolutionary period of time? Start Adventure Back

  24. Feudal System #1 In what year did William the Conqueror invade England and become king? 1066 1096 1106 1036

  25. Feudal System #2 What did the word fief in the three F’s stand for? Religion Loyalty Manor Land

  26. Feudal System #3 What was a demesne? A lord’s personal... Garden Orchard Strip of Land All Of The Above

  27. Feudal System #4 How many calories did the average male serf consume each day? 2000 4000 1000 5000

  28. The Bonus Question About how long did the Merovingian family rule for? 50 Years 300 Years 200 Years 100 Years Back