attendance information for prep choir students and parents n.
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Attendance Information for Prep Choir Students and Parents PowerPoint Presentation
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Attendance Information for Prep Choir Students and Parents

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Attendance Information for Prep Choir Students and Parents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Attendance Information for Prep Choir Students and Parents. “Excused” Absences. The only absences that are “excused” are absences for school BAND, ORCHESTRA, or CHOIR concerts.

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Attendance Information for Prep Choir Students and Parents

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excused absences
“Excused” Absences
  • The only absences that are “excused” are absences for school BAND, ORCHESTRA, or CHOIR concerts.
  • Since many Prep choir members are not old enough to be in their school BAND, ORCHESTRA, or CHOIR, there are no possible “excused” absences.

This policy is meant to support the school band, orchestra and choir programs, mainly at the intermediate elementary level, junior high and high school level. Therefore, most of you will not need to turn in a “Concert Waiver” form. This form is ONLY for school BAND, ORCHESTRA, or CHOIR concerts.

  • Those of you who are in 4th-6th grade and participate in BAND, ORCHESTRA, or CHOIR at your school should ask your school music teacher for the dates of your school concerts NOW. If any of those dates conflict with PCC, fill out a “Concert Waiver” form and turn it into me by September 16th/18th.

Attendance Policy-PCC Handbook page 8

  • Attendance at all rehearsals and concerts is critical in order for each child to have the best experience possible with the Phoenix Children’s Chorus (PCC) and for PCC to maintain a high quality, professional program. PCC staff is committed to providing crucial instruction for every minute of every rehearsal. Punctuality therefore is expected in order for each chorister to receive the finest instruction possible. Students who accept membership in PCC are expected to keep Tuesday evenings (Thursday evenings for East Valley) open for PCC rehearsals. They should NOT audition or try out for other activities (musicals, plays, sports, etc.) that would require them to miss PCC rehearsals or concerts. Once a commitment is made to PCC by accepting membership, it is expected that choristers keep their commitment for the entire year. Membership in PCC is a commitment to faithful, consistent, and punctual attendance. It is expected that rehearsals and performances take a very high priority in each child’s life. PCC students are allowed two absences per semester. Two rehearsals are nearly 12% of the entire semester’s rehearsals. The PCC staff highly encourages each chorister to maintain perfect attendance. A chorister’s attendance and tardy record will be taken into consideration during the audition process for advancement.
unexcused absences
“Unexcused” Absences
  • All other absences (for any reason) are considered “Unexcused”.
acceptable absences
“Acceptable” Absences
  • Illness (fever, vomiting, flu)
    • Note: A cold, a headache, allergies, no voice – students should attend whenever possible as they can learn even if they cannot sing or don’t feel great.
    • As always, a child’s health concerns are best left to parental discretion
  • Family emergency (i.e., car accident on the way to rehearsal, attend funeral, etc.)
  • Other Important school event (i.e., Awards ceremony, Science Fair - required for a grade)
unacceptable absences
“Unacceptable” Absences
  • Attend a birthday party (or any other event/place you may be invited to by friends)
  • Other activity that conflicts with PCC
  • No transportation (see PCC family roster on website for families who live in your area to set up carpooling)
  • Didn’t know there was a rehearsal
what happens if your student misses rehearsal
What happens if your student misses rehearsal?
  • Email sent to parent – LOOK for it to arrive
  • Print attached “Absence” form, fill it out, sign it, and have the student bring it to Mrs. Huyett at the NEXT rehearsal following the absence.
  • If you don’t receive the email, ask a key parent when you check your student into the NEXT rehearsal following the absence.
second absence
Second absence
  • Same paperwork as the first absence
third absence
Third absence
  • Same paperwork as the first, second absence
  • You will be expected to meet with Mrs. Huyett (usually easy to find prior to the start of all rehearsals). A discussion will take place to determine if the student/family should continue their participation
saturday rehearsals
Saturday Rehearsals
  • SATURDAY rehearsals should count for TWO (2) absences!
    • Saturdays are the ONLY times that the East Valley and the Phoenix Prep Choirs work together!
    • Saturdays are the ONLY times we have to practice with the choral risers and work on how to get on and off the stage
    • Saturdays are the ONLY times we practice singing the combined songs for our concerts with the students from all of the other choirs.
dress rehearsals
Dress Rehearsals
  • PCC policy states that students who miss the dress rehearsal for a concert are NOT ALLOWED to sing in the concert.
  • You MUST contact Mrs. Huyett to discuss a dress rehearsal absence prior to that rehearsal.
  • The first 15 minutes of rehearsal is extremely important as that is when most of the vocal pedagogy is taught. This “warm-up” portion of rehearsal is your student’s chance to improve their individual voice.
  • If you have students in more than one choir, please be aware that Prep Choir call times (for dress rehearsals/concerts) are often earlier than for the other choirs.
final note
Final Note
  • Although we strive to make each rehearsal fun as well as educational, the time commitment does get difficult for kids (and parents as well)! PLEASE, for the sake of your own child as well as the other children in the choir, don’t allow your child to drop out within 3 weeks of a performance. The performances are the reward for all of the hard work and dedication and are so rewarding! The students learn from one another and depend on the voices around them to sing their own parts. When one voice is suddenly missing, it can make a HUGE difference. I like to compare our choir to a beautiful strand of pearls. Each pearl is important and beautiful all by itself, but when strung together, they make an exquisite necklace. If just one of those pearls is missing from the necklace, the beauty is diminished. Your children are all “pearls” – each of them equally important and needed and beautiful!