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  1. ATTENDANCE AND TIME FOR TIME INFORMATION Macon County High School SY 2011-2012

  2. Attendance • Why is attendance important? • Attendance is a key factor in student achievement and therefore, students are expected to be present each day school is in session. • Macon County Board of Education Policy 6.200

  3. How is attendance accounted for and reported? • Attendance by day is kept in the Student Management System. You must be at school 3 hours and 17 minutes to be counted present for the day. • Attendance is reported by class. • This attendance by class determines your failure due to attendance. • You must be present in an individual class for an hour to be counted present.

  4. Admit Slips: • A documentation of the absence (admit slip) will be required before a student reenters his or her class. These are written each morning in the cafeteria. • Absences are classified as excused or unexcused. Your teacher will note this in his or her attendance records.

  5. Excused or Unexcused: • Religious observance • SUBPOENAED court appearance • Driver’s license or permit • One time for each • Half-day only • Document from office is required for obtaining a permit. • Excused Absences: • Personal illness(Dr. statement) • Illness of immediate family member (Dr. statement) • Death in the family • Death of a non-relative (day of funeral only)

  6. Failure due to attendance: • Four (4) unexcused or seven (7) total absences per semester will result in failure in that class for the semester. • Students who reach these limits in a class or classes may make up time in Time for Time.

  7. TIME FOR TIME: • Takes place before or after school. • Students MUST sign up for Time for Time. • Teachers must notify the students that they have Time for Time hours. • The Time for Time forms must be deposited in the folder outside Room 107. • Time for Time Schedules are posted outside Room 107, in the Cafeteria, and in the front lobby across from Mrs. Meador’s office. • MAKE UP YOUR HOURS AS SOON AS THEY ARE ASSIGNED.

  8. Attendance and Exemptions: • This policy is per nine weeks. This means that absences for this start over after the first nine weeks of a semester. • In a 4.0 class the exemption policy is: • 2 absences with an A average • 1 absence with a B average • 0 absences with a C or D average • Anyone with more absences or a failing grade will be required to take the exams. In a 5.0 class the teacher may choose to follow this policy, or he/she may require everyone to take the mid-term and/or final exam.

  9. Attendance and failure of a class: • Students, who due to extreme circumstances, have been unable to do their Time for Time hours may sign up for an attendance hearing at the end of the term. • While attendance for exemption purposes will begin again after the end of a nine-week period, attendance for purposes of failure is PER SEMESTER.

  10. Truancy: • Truancy is defined as an absence for an entire school day, a major portion of the school day or the major portion of any class, study hall, or activity during the school day for which the student is scheduled. • More than ten (10) consecutive or fifteen (15) reported absences during any semester renders a student ineligible to retain a driver’s permit or license, or to obtain either of these.

  11. Questions? • Questions about exemptions? See someone in the Counseling Center • Questions about absences in individual classes? See the individual teachers. • Questions about absences for the entire school day? See someone in the Main Office. • Questions about excused or unexcused absences? See a principal • Questions about Time for Time? See Mrs. Holder in Room 107