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Performance enhancing supplements

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Performance enhancing supplements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Performance enhancing supplements. Brittany Thompson 2 April 2013. Definition.

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performance enhancing supplements

Performance enhancing supplements

Brittany Thompson

2 April 2013

  • A performance-enhancing substance is any substance taken innon-pharmacologic doses specifically for the purposes of improvingsports performance. A substance should be considered performanceenhancing if it benefits sports performance by increasing strength,power, speed, or endurance.  Also if it alters body weightor body composition. Furthermore, substances that improve performanceby causing changes in behavior, arousal level, and/or perceptionof pain should be considered performance enhancing.
different ped
Different PED
  • Lean mass builders drive or amplify the growth of muscle and lean body mass.
  • Stimulants stimulate the body and mind to perform optimally by enhancing focus, energy, and aggression.
  • Painkillers mask athletes' pain so they can continue to compete and perform beyond their usual pain thresholds.
  • Sedatives are sometimes used by athletes in sports like archery which require steady hands and accurate aim, and also by athletes attempting to overcome excessive nervousness or discomfort.
  • Diuretics expel water from athletes' bodies.
  • Blood boosters increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood beyond the individual's natural capacity.
  • Masking drugs are used to prevent the detection of other classes of drugs.
ncaa rules
NCAA Rules
  • Allowed to provide to players: Gatorade, energy bars, and protein bars.
  • Impermissible substances that a school cannot provide to athletes, but athletes may buy on their own.
  • Then there are the banned substances that the NCAA are clearly not allowed such as stimulants, anabolic agents, & diuretics.
  • In the U.S., athletes are subjected to take random drugs tests. The use of steroids can result in the loss of eligibility.
types of steroid sides effects
Types of steroid & Sides effects
  • CREATINE: Produces naturally in the body and also sold over the counter. It is used primarily to recover after workouts to increase muscle mass and strength. Side Effects: weight gain, nausea, muscle cramps, and kidney damage.
  • ANABOLIC STEROIDS: A synthetic version of the hormone testosterone and it used to build muscle and increase strength. Side Effects: heart and liver damage, stop bone growth that results in permanently short stature.
  • STEROID PRECURSORS (Androstenedione and DHEA): substances that the body converts into anabolic steroids. Side Effects: Similar to those of steroids.
signs of steroid use
Signs of steroid use
  • Behavioral and emotional changes
  • Increased aggressiveness
  • Changes in body build
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Development of upper body
  • Increased acne and facial bloating
  • Needle marks in the butt or thighs
  • Enlarged breasts in boy/smaller breasts in girls


Obtain higher income

Gain competitive advantage

Reduce body fat

Improve athletic performance

To gain self confidence

  • The first time that the use of steroids was confirmed was in the World Weightlifting Championship in 1954, when the Soviet’s team doctor admitted to injecting the athletes with hormones. The team was not penalized because there were no regulations at the time.
  • Germans started a doping program in order to get more gold medals, and this continued for the next twenty years. It was the German’s winning streak that led to the World Health Organization’s ban of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) during any international competition.
  • The first case of an athlete being caught using performance enhancing supplements was Rick De Mont. He was an American swimmer who used the substance “Ephedrine”.
lance armstrong
Lance Armstrong

In a more recent case he admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his Tour De France competitions. In October he was accused by the U.S. Anti- Doping Agency and stripped of seven of his Tour De France titles.


I do not support the use of steroids due to the athlete abuse, the unfair advantage it gives athletes, and negative side effects that they can cause the human body.