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The Ritz Carlton Experience

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The Ritz Carlton Experience. The Ritz Culture. What more can we learn. The Disney Way. If Disney Ran Your Business. Based on a DVD lecture by By Fred Lee. If Disney ran your hospital you would…. Table of Contents. Redefine Your Competition & Focus on What is important

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If Disney Ran Your Business

Based on a DVD lecture by

By Fred Lee

table of contents

If Disney ran your hospital you would…

Table of Contents

Redefine Your Competition & Focus on What is important

Make Courtesy More Important Than Efficiency

Stop Measuring just Satisfaction

Measure to Improve, not to Impress

Decentralize the Authority to Say “yes”

View Business Work as Theater

top drivers of patient satisfaction


  • 1. How well staff worked together to care for you .79
  • 2. Overall cheerfulness of the hospital .74
  • 3. Response to concerns/complaints during your stay .68
  • 4. Attention paid to the your personal and special needs .65
  • 5. Staff sensitivity to inconvenience of hospitalization .65
  • 6. How well nurses kept you informed .64
  • Staff worked together as a team .64
  • Nurses anticipated your needs .64
  • Staff responded with care and compassion .62
Top Drivers of Patient Satisfaction
who is your competition

For clinical outcomes…

Your competition is other hospitals.


For customer satisfaction…

Your competition is _____________________



Your competition is any company with a service culture that is deeper ingrained than yours


Who is your competition?
disney s quality priorities
Disney’s Quality Priorities

1. safety




self examination exercise

Examine your own processes. What do you do in the name of efficiency that frustrates your customers?

What would it cost to change it?

Would the trade-off in good-will be worth it?

How would employees like it?

Self Examination Exercise
hospitals getting 5 overall
HospitalsGetting 5Overall

Whereis the99thPercentile?

your future has a lot to do with what your patients say about you
Your future has a lot to do with what your patients say about you.

If they can’t remember anything special,

They won’t rave about your care.

one simple question
One Simple Question

How likely will you be to recommend me to a friend?

singing our praises what loyal patients say
Singing our praises…What Loyal Patients Say

Caring, Cared, Cares +32

Kind, kindness +24

Compassionate +15

Help, helpfulness +15

Comfort, comforting +13

Friendly +8

Professional +9

Attention, attentive +7

Concerned +6

Listens +4

Sweet +3

Respect +3

Quick +3

Polite +3

Patient +3

Loving +3

Understanding +2

Thoughtful +2

Knowledgeable +2

Smiling +2

Bedside manner +2

Empathy +2

Tender +1

Takes time +1




























use some patient loyalty words in survey questions
Use some patient loyalty wordsin survey questions

The highest correlations with overall satisfaction come from questions with words like these…

• Care or caring

• Compassion

• Helpful

• Kind

• Friendly (or cheerful)

• Sensitivity to your needs (comfort)

highest correlations with loyalty
Highest Correlations with Loyalty

On the Gallup patient satisfaction survey survey (by phone):

Nurses anticipate your needs (.64)

Staff responded with care and compassion (.62)

On the Press, Ganey patient satisfaction survey (by mail):

Staff sensitivity to the inconvenience of hospitalization (.71)

Overall cheerfulness of the hospital (.70)

Staff showed concern for your privacy (.65)

Nurses attitude toward your calling them (.60)

Nurses promptness in responding to the call button (.55)

principle flywheel concept
Principle: Flywheel Concept

“Good-to-great companies set their goals and strategies based on understanding their greatness

Jim Collins, Good to Great, p. 186

you can t get to loyalty by focusing on satisfaction alone
You Can’t Get to Loyalty By Focusing on Satisfaction Alone
  • Improving systems will increase satisfaction, but not loyalty.
  • • Reduce waits by 50%
  • • Improve registration process
  • • Always have a wheel chair ready
  • • Answer call lights sooner
  • Courtesy improves satisfaction, but only meets expectations.
  • Satisfied customers cannot tell you how to improve.
  • Stop asking. False assurance. (Ask for frustrations)
  • Satisfied customers have no story to tell
  • Loyal patients and dissatisfied patients do…
fine points phrases that irritate

“You’ll have to…” __________________________

“I’ll have to…” __________________________

“I don’t know.” __________________________

“I disagree,” or, “You’re wrong” _______________________

“We can’t do that.” __________________________

“You misunderstood me.” __________________________

“I’m sorry you’re upset. __________________________

“It wasn’t my fault. __________________________

FINE POINTS: Phrases that Irritate
at lonestar
At Lonestar

“The answer is yes…now what is the question”

My Waitress at the Lonestar

wilderness lodge
Wilderness lodge

Think about the Disney Experience

disney s service department
Disney’s Service Department

1970’s Central location

1980’s Each pavilion dealt with service issues

1990’s Each employee has the power to solve the problem and give recovery.

who can say yes
Who Can Say “Yes”

Who can bend the rules for a customer?

Who decides how to solve a problem?

Who can offer something tangible for recovery?

you become a disney cast member

You are applying to join a culture, not to do a job…,

Orientation describes reality, not a vision.

You are always on stage

Variation from standards is not tolerated by anybody, not even your peers. …appearance guidelines

They have no slogans or banners as constant reminders.

They do not focus much on “service excellence.”

Disney does not provide a service (and neither do we.)

You become a Disney castmember…
walt disney on role

“The first year I leased out the parking concession, brought in the usual security guards – things like that. But I soon realized my mistake. I couldn’t have outside help and still get over my idea of hospitality. So now we recruit and train every one of our employees. I tell the security officers, for instance, that they are never to consider themselves cops. They are there to help people.”

Walt Disney on “Role”
to produce an experience


To produce an experience…

Start with a good script – which is much more than dialog.

Place its success in the hands of a director who is obsessed with and accountable for the patient’s experience.

Cast for the talent to play a role, rather than the skills to do a job.

Teach and coach principles, not just courtesy skills.

acting is not pretending

Actors learn how to be real, not how to pretend.

Acting involves intense listening with undivided attention.

“Acting is not acting, it is reacting.” -- John Wayne

Acting engages the whole range of human emotions.

Acting relies on sense memory and imagination to become real.

Acting is the talent of becoming emotionally available through empathy with a character.


Acting is not pretending…
the hospitals that have led the way
The Hospitals That Have Led the Way

Went from poor to very good (bottom quartile to 95th percentile)

Board to CEO (do it or else) CEO to Heads if I go guess what

Focused on weekly progress

4. Everyone sees it


If you are in the top quartile already, and it isn’t a crisis, what will motivate you -- all of you -- to keep getting better?

measurement essentials
Measurement Essentials

The overarching purpose of measurement should be to help a team, rather than top management, gauge its progress.

An empowered team must play the lead role in designing its own measurement system.

3. A team should adopt only a handful of measures.

preliminary questions

Who are our customers for each service we offer?

  • Is it important to our team to meet their needs and wants?

• Do we know what they are?

• How?

3. How can we know we are meeting their needs and wants?

4. How can we get an accurate picture of our performance in their eyes?

5. How will we use the information for improvement?

  • How will we know we are improving?

• Will it be accurate?

• Will it be timely?

• Will it be easy to understand and use?

Preliminary Questions
my dream for my department

We dream of working in a department where…

We all feel like friends

Who find meaning in our work

Together as a team with a shared desire

To serve the needs and wants of our customers

For the overall success of our organization's goals.”

My dream for my department: