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Israel- Palestinian Conflict PowerPoint Presentation
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Israel- Palestinian Conflict

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Israel- Palestinian Conflict

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  1. Israel- Palestinian Conflict By: Ethan Boerner

  2. Can the teenagers of Israel and Palestine recover from the violence they have faced all there lives • No they can’t recover • The teenagers, being forced to fight all these years will have developed hatred and will keep fighting • The country has been destroyed the people left in malice; these people can’t recover

  3. How it all began • In WW1 Britain took control of Palestine • Later they made it a home for the Jewish people during the holocaust • This created a controversy between the governments and the Palestinians didn’t want the Jews to take over • And so it began

  4. Deaths in the country • Tons of people have died in this country • At least 5000 people have died about 4000 were Palestinian and 1000 Israeli • Also 100 about tourists have been killed

  5. Peoples Anger • 51% of the Palestinian people believe Hamas is wrong • The people have protested against there own government and Israel • More specifically they have protested about the creation of Israel and the Jewish occupancy of Palestine

  6. People have moved away • About 30,000 Palestinian refugees have fled • They have gone to the surrounding states, such as Iraq • Egypt has also decided to host the Palestinians

  7. Other Violence • There has also been some violence between the people, not government • Though the U.N. has urged the hostilities to stop it is still continuing • People have been shot dead, Israeli soldiers have killed innocent people and on and on

  8. From the Book-change in a bad way • The man at the spice shop showed hostility when he insulted the owner • The guards at the airport where mean and ruff • The tanks driving by showed that there is still conflict and fighting

  9. From the book-change in a good way • If the people do not fight (such as Liyana) then the problems may be able to be solved with the voice • When Liyana and her family were calm when the soldiers destroyed there luggage they changed things, because they could have started a fight • When she didn’t hit the Jewish man she changed things, because she could have once again started a fight

  10. Conclusion Thank you for watching my slide. I hoped you learned a lot from it. Remember all then important facts and you will be an expert on the Israel Palestinian Conflict

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