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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict PowerPoint Presentation
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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Francis Bae 6b Integrated Novel Project. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Can the teenagers of Israel and Palestine today recover from the violence they have faced all their lives?.

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Can the teenagers of Israel and Palestine today recover from the violence they have faced all their lives?
  • Experience of war and death will usually remain with someone forever and probably change the way they live and think. So I believe that the teenagers of the Israel and Palestine will not fully recover from the violence.
  • Physical, emotional, psychological injury
    • Life-long trauma (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD).
    • People can’t adapt back to their old lives.
    • People have mental and social problems after the trauma.
key facts reason for conflict
Key facts – Reason for Conflict
  • Israel and Palestine Conflict in an ongoing argument between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • There were many efforts to make Independent Palestine state beside Israel.
  • The main areas of conflicts are Gaza Strip and West Bank.
  • There are violence there almost every day.
key facts timeline
Key facts - Timeline



British issued the Balfour Declaration promising a “National Home” for Jews in Palestine.

May 1948 – March 1949:

War of Independence. First in a series of wars fought between the newly declared State of Israel and its Arab neighbors.


The Mandate of Palestine terminated and state of Israel is proclaimed.


January 1964

Palestine Liberation Organization founded.

June 1967

Six Day War. Israel launches attack and took control of West Bank and Gaza Strip.

October 6 – October 26, 1973

Yom Kippur War. War led by Egypt and Syria against Israel.


Treaty of Peace signed between Egypt and Israel.

September 1993

Israel and PLO sign an agreement in Norway for Palestinian limited self-rule in the West Bank and Gaza.



Israel pulled out the troops occupying Gaza.

June 2007

Militant Islamic group Hamas seized control of Gaza.

December 2008

Israel begins attack on the Gaza Strip.

key facts location
Key facts - Location
  • Gaza Profile
  • One of the most dense place on earth.
  • High level of poverty and unemployment.
  • Average age of population is 16.

West Bank Profile

-2,407,681 people in the West Bank.

-Average age of population is 20.

-Landlocked Highlands.

key facts death
Key facts - Death
  • Deaths - children
    • 43 Palestine kids under 18 died while no Israel kids died in 2007.
    • In 2004, 8 Israel kids died while 179 Palestine kids died. In ratio, it’s 1: 22.4.
  • Place where Liyana lives right now is forbidden to have a friend that is Jew.
  • Liyana got mad because of the Jewish man said “Why do you bother with that animal?” (p.95)
  • Having Jewish friend if you are an Arab means there is a percentage of becoming much more friendly between Arab countries like Palestine and Israel. Next generation might stop the war and be friends.
  • Violence cannot be erased completely from one’s memory and life. It will have life changing effect on the lives of many from both countries in the conflict. Teenagers of Israel and Palestine will need time to recover from the violence that has been in the area for decades.
  • P.1 Pictures Information
  • Map News Bank
  • Israel Flag ABC – CLIO
  • Palestine Flag Opposing Viewpoints
  • P.2 Wikipedia
  • Soldiers
  • P.6
  • Graph
  • Habibi