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Telecare @ Southwark

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Telecare @ Southwark. Outcomes and Achievements from Telecare Thursday 24 th January 2008. Mission Statement.

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telecare @ southwark

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Outcomes and Achievements from Telecare

Thursday 24th January 2008

mission statement
Mission Statement

To maintain the dignity & independence of vulnerable people in Southwark through the provision and promotion of telecare services, that maximise choice over where people receive support and care and ensure that telecare is an integral part of the future development of community services’


With telecare there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to service users and this is reflected in the range of equipment and services available within the Borough. The Telecare evolution for 2006 to 2008 includes:

Invest to save examples

Case Study 1

“Female aged 91yrs., referred by Social Worker with regard to reducing pre- admission care package from 81hrs per week following discharge from hospital. Service user has a network of support also provided by family members in addition to the 81hrs. Following assessment a bed sensor was installed in the user’s home. The data collected from this piece of equipment enabled the Care Package to be reduced to 35hrs per week.


Before equipment:

81 hrs per week at £15 per hr = £1215

Total Per year = £63,180

Cost of equipment

1 x Bed Sensor = £118

1 x Lifeline 400 = £115

Total = £233

Projected savings:

Based on 35hrs reduction

Total = £ 35,647


Case Study 2

“Male aged 80yrs, referral for Telecare equipment as user was wandering from his property at different times of the day and night unable to find his way home, and to relive pressure on family. The data from equipment was to also inform the assessment process prior to the user’s admission to residential care. The user did not want to be admitted into any service. The equipment enabled the admission to be delayed by 6 months and the user and family felt they has exploredmany avenuesof support before the decision was taken to admit the user.

Proposed cost

Residential Placement = £350 per week

£350 x 6 months = £8,400

Cost of Equipment:

1 x Property exit sensor = £255

1 x Memo Minder = £35

Total = £290

Projected savings:

Total = £8,110



Currently being undertaken by independent evaluators: T-CUBED

[Telecare Think Tank]

  • Evaluation Modules will cover:

Existing Evidence Base for Telecare

Critical Review of Southwark Telecare Pilots

Presentation of Telecare Pilot Review

Full Audit of Southwark Telecare Service

Value for Money Assessment

Final Report & Recommendations

Presentation of Full Evaluation Results [ February 2008]



  • Charging
  • Telecare Team Roles – Awaiting decision on Business case submitted on long term future.
  • Evaluation – Using recommendations as supporting evidence to continue funding of Telecare
  • Where will the Telecare Service ‘ sit’?