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Lancashire Telecare Service

Lancashire Telecare Service

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Lancashire Telecare Service

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  1. Lancashire Telecare Service Steve Sylvester Mark Luraschi Telecare The Lancashire way CSIP Network Manchester February 2008

  2. Designing the service Our vision for a Lancashire Telecare Service included a number of key objectives:- Include a response service available 24/7 Consistent service across Lancashire Meet TSA quality standards Be affordable Available across all tenures Support existing care services Appropriate to assessed need Include a training and marketing programme Lancashire Telecare Service

  3. Lancashire Telecare Service Governing principles • Balance between technology and personal care • Telecare must not lead to social isolation • Human contact is still vital to maintaining quality of life • Telecare must be used to complement existing care services – not just about cost savings

  4. Lancashire Telecare Service First Task was to:- • Keep hold of the £1.7m and fend off the raiders!

  5. Lancashire Telecare Service Vision ‘To have a comprehensive and sustainable Telecare Service available to all tenures available 24 hours/7 days which contributes to the overall objective of helping people manage their lives and stay independent in their own homes as long as possible, to provide support and reassurance for carers, to help reduce the number of unplanned hospital admissions and speed up hospital discharge’ Lancashire Telecare Strategy 2006

  6. Lancashire Telecare Service Partnership Approach • First Step - A working partnership with existing Community Alarm providers • Four lead providers worked closely together to agree common procedures • All local providers invited to work with the four leads • PASA framework used to select equipment providers- Chubb Community Care (formerly Initial) and Tunstall

  7. Lancashire Telecare Service Achievements to date • Telecare service which meets all primary objectives • External evaluation commissioned • Brand developed • Marketing material - press releases; adverts; ‘freebies’; telecare week • Awareness training to over 3500 potential referrers • 5 SMART homes • Dedicated phone number for Telecare enquires • Telecare “Champions” across the County Council local offices • Telecare Website -

  8. Lancashire Telecare Service Costs and Eligibility • Equipment free to all service users meeting FACS banding ‘moderate’ or above • Standard weekly service charge £8.86- subject to Fairer Charging assessment • Private users subject to local charge

  9. Lancashire Telecare Service Performance against Targets • Lancashire Target of 1800 Telecare Service users • Now have 360 new Telecare service users aged 65 or over (not including basic pendant alarms) • Over 40 non Older People Telecare service users • Very few private Telecare service users

  10. Lancashire Telecare Service What lessons have we learned? • Nothing is ever as simple as you might think • Hard to get social work staff on board – Should have been part of the standard care pathway and commissioning process • Slow to raise public awareness - hard to find good local case studies • “Selling” Telecare to potential service users - challenging • Confusing for potential service users - Why should I pay the extra cost for Telecare instead of keeping my existing lifeline service? • Initial expectations far too high and targets unrealistic • Should have introduced “hard” targets for each locality earlier • Steep learning curve for all involved

  11. Lancashire Telecare Service So what next? • Extend the evaluation period until April 2009? • Work with SP team to combine Community alarms and Telecare – Tender the service? • Mainstream the service- how does Telecare fit with the new agenda of self directed care and FACS review? • Take Telecare eligibility out of FACS ? • Expand Telecare usage to other client groups • Key developments for the next year:- • Increase take up! • Moving Telecare to be the 24hr control element for emergency care • Marketing • Expanding the response service to include lifting and personal care • Telehealth

  12. Lancashire Telecare Service

  13. Lancashire Telecare Service What Can We Use Telecare For? Telecare can be used to support: • National Strategies; • PSA17, Our Health Our Care Our Say, NSF OP, Stronger Prosperous Communities. • National Indicators: • NI 125- Achieving independence for OP Through Rehab & Int Care • NI 127- Self Reported experience of social care users • NI 128- User Reported Measure of Respect & Dignity in Their Treatment • NI 129- End of Life Care- Enabling people to choose to die at home • NI 131- Delayed Transfers of Care from Hospital • NI 133- Timeliness of Social Care Packages • NI 134- No of Emergency Bed Days • NI 136- People Supported to live independently • NI 139- People over 65 who say they receive Info, Advice & Support to exercise Choice & Control to live independently

  14. Lancashire Telecare Service For further information:- Steve Sylvester/Mark Luraschi Telecare Project Managers 0779 554 1143/0778 9618136 or e-mail:- Barbara Roebuck , Training Officer 0791 7627388 or e-mail:- Telecare website-