Bad Experiences About iOS 10, Any Solutions?
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Bad Experiences About iOS 10, Any Solutions? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are annoyances, glitches, bugs, notorious bricking issue and more that annoys users. You may also have bad experiences about iOS 10.

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Bad experiences about ios 10 any solutions 7430352

Bad Experiences About iOS 10, Any Solutions?

Well, iOS 10 is here. It is deemed another strong update from Apple with some seriously useful

new features and refines a number of old favorites. Nevertheless, there are annoyances, glitches,

bugs, notorious bricking issue and more that annoys users. You may also have bad experiences

about iOS 10. Here are some examples and solutions to them.

1. Insensitive Fingerprint Sensor

From the announce of first iPhone, users has used to the feature called "Slide to Unlock".

However, iOS 10 will abandon this feature and adopt a new method of unlocking device-press the

Home button to unlock. Although Touch ID renders you convenience to unlock the phone, many

users think that they are unaccustomed to it.

User Experience:

"It seems that the Home button is almost been damaged…."

"It makes me go nuts! As my phone sensor is not that sensitive as I think, it fails to recognize my

fingerprints for 4 times. And I need to press the Home button for two times before entering the


"I described it as 'super annoying' and questioned why Apple thought this was a better option than

Bad experiences about ios 10 any solutions 7430352

the existing 'Slide to Unlock' function."


Go to fingerprint settings to input your fingerprint for several times. This will enable the

fingerprint sensor to gets more and more sensitive.

2. Built-in Apps Cannot be Thoroughly Deleted

In iOS 10, you can delete built-in apps by long pressing the icon like deleting third-party ones. In

fact, this can only delete the shortcut icon. The app is still in your phone.

iOS 10 system allows users to remove 23 original applications from the home screen of iPhone,

iPad and iPod Touch. Such apps include Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Maps and many


Actually, Apple does not recommend you to remove built-in applications. There are two reasons

for this. First of all, Apple's built-in apps occupy little memory. Even if you delete 23 apps, you

can save no more than 150MB memory. Secondary, after deleting such built-in applications, some

features of iOS will be impacted. In order to undelete some preinstalled apps in their iPhone/iPad,

many users spend lots of time in flashing ROM or unlocking the phone. However, mistaken

deletion may lead the system into endless rebooting mode and make the system crashed. Many

features fail to work after that. So before uninstalling these apps, think before you act. It is a pity

that there is no solution yet.

Bad experiences about ios 10 any solutions 7430352

3. Device Gets Overheated

According to numerous posts on social media and dedicated Apple forums, iOS 10 is making the

device hot to touch as apps are updated in the background after first install.

Situation 1. When the phone is used to play iOS games, it is easy to get overheated.

Situation 2. When charging, the phone does not keep running hot. But it gets overheated only

when charging begins.

Situation 3. When the iPhone is used to play music, it will run hot.


If the device is still hotter than a summer World Cup tournament held in Qatar, people should try a

hard reset or turning off the auto-send of diagnostic and usage data, Trusted Reviews reported. If

this fails, contact Apple Store for help.

4. Battery Consumes Fast

One user said that she went from 100% to 9% in five hours despite only casting a movie to TV. To

be fair, streaming is a processor and connectivity intensive action. Another said that it went from

100% to 74% after texting for only 20 minutes. Some complains that after playing the phone for

15 minutes, it consumes 6% of the battery. And they need to charge the phone for two times per

Bad experiences about ios 10 any solutions 7430352



1. Flash ROM.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi when you don't need it.

3. Turn off apps on the background by going to "Settings" > "General."

4. Check the Battery status by going to "Settings" > "Battery" and close apps that consumes

battery greatly.

5. Lower the brightness of the display.

5. The iPhone Performs not Smoothly

After upgrading your phone, the device may perform not smoothly. Some complains that "IOS10

made my phone so slow and my messages keep crashing I already tweeted this but I'm still


Solutions: Do not upgrade your iPhone/iPad.