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Faculty Senate Annual Report. Carol M. Wiggs, PhD, RN-CNM, AHN-BC Faculty Senate Chair, 2012-2013. September 09, 2013. Our Senators. Faculty Senate Leadership 2012-2013. Carol M. Wiggs, RN, PhD Chair School of Nursing

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Faculty senate annual report

Faculty Senate Annual Report

Carol M. Wiggs, PhD, RN-CNM, AHN-BC

Faculty Senate Chair, 2012-2013

September 09, 2013

Faculty senate leadership 2012 2013
Faculty Senate Leadership 2012-2013

Carol M. Wiggs, RN, PhD


School of Nursing

Associate Professor, SON Baccalaureate Program; RN-BSN Track Administrator

Lisa Cain, PhD


School of Medicine

Associate Professor, Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Director, Medical School Enrichment Program

Sharon A. Croisant, PhD


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine and Community Health

Faculty senate 2012 20131
Faculty Senate 2012-2013

Support from the Provost Office /

Office of the Vice President of Education

Secretarial / Financial

Mary Schlobohm / Julie Parrish

Meetings 2012 2013
Meetings: 2012-2013

  • Faculty Senate: Meetings are the 2nd Monday of every month, 4:30-6pm in the Marie Hall Room (4th floor SHP/SON). All faculty are welcome.

  • Faculty Senate Executive Committee: Chair, Chair-elect, Past Chair, Faculty Senate Committee Chairs. The meetings are periodically and/or by email

  • Senate Leadership meets with Dr. Callender/Dr. Watson - monthly

  • Senate Leadership with Council of Deans as needed

  • Senate Leadership with UT System (Sys FAC) 3X per year [4X during legislative years]

Meetings 2012 20131
Meetings: 2012-2013

  • Faculty Senate Chair and Chair-Elect are members of the UT System Faculty Advisory Council (FAC).

    • 2 day meetings in Austin (September, January, April) with faculty governance leadership from all 15 UT Components (9 Universities – 6 Academic Health Institutions)

      - Opportunity to meet with:

      • UT System Leadership

      • Regents

      • Legislators

      • Lisa Cain is co-chair of the Health Affairs Committee

Activities involvements
Activities / Involvements

  • At each monthly meeting, the Faculty Senate Members receive:

  • - Updates from Dr. Jacobs, Provost

  • - Updates from Dr. Watson as Vice President for Education

  • - Updates from the four Deans (Drs. Jacobs, Cooper, Protas, and Watson) regarding each of the schools, their activities, news, concerns, and issues

  • - Updates on Faculty Advisory Council meetings at Austin from Senate Leadership, as appropriate

Presentations at faculty senate 2012 2013
Presentations at Faculty Senate 2012-2013

  • October—

    - Legislative Session – Dr. Ben Raimer, Senior Vice President, health Policy and Legislative Affairs

  • November—

    - Business Operations and Facilities Update – Mr. Mike Shriner, AIA, MBA, Vice President, Business Operations and Facilities

  • December—

    - Diversity and Inclusion – Adeola Oduwole, M.Sc., Director, Diversity and Inclusion

Presentations at faculty senate 2012 20131
Presentations at Faculty Senate 2012-2013

  • January—

    - Dr. Jacobs, EVP and Provost and Dean, School of Medicine

  • February—

    - ASG Outplacement – Cameron Slocum, MBA, VP and COO Academic Enterprise

  • - Business Operations and Facilities Update – Mr. Mike Shriner, AIA, MBA, Vice President, Business Operations and Facilities

  • March—

    - Legislative Update – Ryan Micks, Director of Communication, Health Policy and Legislative Affairs

Presentations at faculty senate 2012 20132
Presentations at Faculty Senate 2012-2013

  • April—

    • Marketing and Communications – Steve Campbell, M.H.S.A., Vice President, Marketing and Communications

    • Innovation Challenge – Suzanne Tomlinson, PhD, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

  • May—

    • - Dr. Jacobs presented the UTMB Proposed Faculty Compensation and Incentive Plan

    • - You Count Survey – Dr. Robert McKinley, VP Human Resources and Employees Services and Dr. Ian Barrett, Associate VP, Human Resources, Expert Services

Presentations at faculty senate 2012 20133
Presentations at Faculty Senate 2012-2013

  • June—

    • Research Futures Task Force Committee Report – Dr. Bernard M. Pettitt, Chair of the Research Futures Task Force Committee

  • July—

    • - Recap of “burning issues” progress, future directions and concerns

  • August—

    • - Concept of Research Development – Ms. Brenda Boyko, Associate Director of Research Development, Sealy Center for Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics

Faculty business
Faculty Business

  • Addressed major faculty concerns through development of policies related to:

  • - Post-tenure review

  • - Abandonment of programs and positions for academic reasons and financial exigency

  • - Conflict of Commitment and Conflicts of Interest including intellectual property [still being discussed]

  • Election for Chair-elect!!!

  • - Dr. James Graham

  • Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation Sciences, School of Health Professions

Faculty senate 2012 2013 committee reports

Faculty Senate 2012-2013 Committee Reports

Faculty senate 2012 2013 committee reports1
Faculty Senate 2012-2013 Committee Reports

Quality Committee – Chair, Patricia Crane, SON

Governance – Chair, Jere McBride, GSBS

IHOP – Chair, Bill Ameredes, GSBS

Academic & Administrative Affairs – Co-Chair, Tony Wen, SOM

Members 2012 2013
Members 2012-2013

Patricia Crane, SON, Chair

Dana Wild, SHP, Co-Chair

John Badalamenti, SOM

Paul Boor, SOM

Werner Braun, SOM

Bruce Leonard, SON

Andres Oberhauser, GSBS

Faculty quality committee1
Faculty Quality Committee

The Faculty Quality Committee will deliberate on issues of faculty status, rights and responsibilities, and when necessary, investigate instances of curtailment of faculty prerogatives, infringement of faculty rights, interference in the discharge of faculty responsibilities and/or attenuation of faculty status and welfare in schools at UTMB and will recommend measures to the Executive Committee of the Senate for the protection of faculty at UTMB.

Major activities 2012 2013
Major Activities 2012-2013

Major Activities 2012-2013

Abandonment of programs policy
Abandonment of programs policy


It is currently with the Council of Deans.

In compliance with UT Regent’s Rule 31003.

  • Currently a 2-pronged policy addressing

    Abandonment of degree granting programs and positions for academic reasons, and

    Abandonment of degree granting programs and positions for reasons of financial exigency.

Ut regents outstanding teaching awards
UT Regents Outstanding Teaching Awards

Faculty Quality Committee, solicited, reviewed and selected applications in conjunction with the Academy of Master Teachers.

Nine of the 24 applications received were forwarded to UT Regents.

Faculty lounge location possibilities

The committee has received no news on potential space possibilities other than in the new hospital being constructed and will continue to pursue the return of the Faculty Lounge.

Members 2012 20131
Members 2012-2013

Jere W. McBride, GSBS, Chair

Steven Fisher, SHP, Co-Chair

Rachel Ellis, SON

Anne Jones, GSBS

Bruce Luxon, GSBS

James Graham, SHP

Richard Rupp, SOM

Governance committee1
Governance Committee

The Committee shall deliberate on issues of governance and, from time to time, will assess the scope of Faculty responsibility over governance in UTMB and each of the Schools.  When necessary, the committee shall recommend to the Executive Committee of the Senate that appropriate Faculty-elected governance organizations be charged with assuming primary responsibility over designated areas that currently appear outside their jurisdiction.

Committee Activities

  • Periodic Performance Evaluation of Tenured Faculty Policy [5.5.2]

  • Abandonment of Programs Policy

  • Faculty Grievance Policy [5.3.8]

  • Security Clearance Policy

Progress and Status

  • A revised UTMB Post Tenure Review Policy has been drafted to clarify Regents Rule as it applies to the institution. Policy presented to IHOP on September 5th.

  • Abandonment of Programs Policy presented to Council of Deans (Aug 28th).

  • Faculty Grievance Policy is under review by UTMB Legal.

  • Criminal Background Check Policy approval is pending in HR.

Proposed governance activities
Proposed Governance Activities

  • Review and make recommendations regarding Faculty Senate bylaw revisions

  • Assist with Faculty Development activities

  • Work with IHOP Committee on any policy revisions.

Ihop committee1
IHOP Committee

The function of the committee is to:

  • be informed of any and all changes to the IHOP that have direct or indirect effects on UTMB faculty

  • summarize the changes in terms of the positive and negative effects on UTMB faculty, and

  • make recommendations to the full Senate after which the Senate will vote to approve or disapprove the said changes.

    This Committee was added to the Standing Committee list in September 2008.

Members 2011 2013
Members 2011-2013

  • Bill Ameredes, GSBS, Chair 2012

  • Camellia St. John, CLS, Past Chair 2011

  • Carol Wiggs, SON, Chair-elect, ex officio

  • Safa’a Al-Arabi, SON

  • J. Chad Davis, Pediatric Critical Care

Major activities 2011 2013
Major Activities 2011-2013

  • Continued identification of all policies and procedures directly affecting Faculty, and those in need of revision.

  • Review and minor modification of UTMB IHOP Intellectual Property policies.

  • UTMB Post-Tenure Review policy: general wording clarifications, updates, and revisions*

  • Harmonization of wording of UTMB IHOP Post-Tenure Review policies with UT System IHOP Post-Tenure Review policies*

  • *Done in collaboration with the Governance Committee, with special thanks to Dr. Jere McBride.

Major activities 2011 20131
Major Activities 2011-2013

  • Policies changes voted on by FS or sent for further review with stakeholders:

    • Abandonment of Academic Positions or Programs in the Absence of Exigency

    • Abandonment of Academic Positions or Programs in the Presence of Exigency

Major activities 2011 20132
Major Activities 2011-2013

  • Recommendations for revisions (if needed) forwarded to COD and Institutional IHOP for review:

    • Abandonment of Academic Positions or Programs in the Absence of Exigency

    • Abandonment of Academic Positions or Programs in the Presence of Exigency

Members 2012 20132
Members 2012-2013

  • Holly West, SHP, Chair

  • Tony Wen, SOM, Co-Chair

  • Salah Elsaid, SOM

  • Nonie Mendias, SON

  • Sushil Sarna, GSBS

  • Dayton Young, SOM


  • The committee shall deliberate and make recommendations to the Senate for the dissemination and exchange of information on institutional academic matters/issues/affairs at UTMB and in each of the Schools.

  • The committee shall deliberate and make recommendations to the Executive Committee of the Senate on strategic planning, operational budget planning, performance appraisal of administrators, and other university-wide administrative activities.

  • The committee shallmonitor university-wide administrative policies and priorities.

Issues addressed activities 2012 2013
Issues Addressed/Activities 2012-2013

  • Continue developing the UTMB Health Junior Faculty Development Program

    Program Objectives

    • Promote career development for Junior Faculty

    • Create a centralized office with staff to provide information, resources, and guidance to Junior Faculty beginning at the time of hiring

    • Develop and maintain a centralized website for faculty development opportunities

  • Continue to increased faculty outreach and communication with individuals engaged in faculty development at UTMB Health

  • Chair 2013 2014
    Chair 2013-2014

    Lisa D. Cain, PhD

    Faculty member at UTMB since 1992

    Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience and Cell Biology

    Associate Member, Institute for the Medical Humanities

    Director, Medical School Enrichment Programs

    Chair 2013 2014 continued
    Chair 2013-2014(continued)

    • Major Interests:

      • Education: Medical and Graduate Education; Gross Anatomy and Radiology course instructor since 1992; Co-Director of Cell Biology Course from 2005-2012; Involved in art and medical education

      • Research: Neuroscientist; Establishing research opportunities for medical and undergraduate students

      • Establishing collaborative educational programs on local, state, national and international level

      • Providing academic enrichment opportunities for undergraduate students

      • Faculty development, diversity, and mentoring

      • Establishing community partnerships

    Faculty senate responsibilities
    Faculty Senate Responsibilities

    • 2011-2012: Served as Chair of the Academic and Administrative Affairs Committee of the UTMB Faculty Senate

    • 2012-2013:

    • Represented the Faculty Senate on the UTMB IHOP Committee

    • Represented the UTMB Faculty Senate at the UT Systems Faculty Advisory Council Meetings in Austin, Texas

    • Served as Co-Chair of the Health Affairs Committee of the UT System Faculty Advisory Council, Executive Committee

    • 2013-2014

    • Serve as Principal Co-Chair of the UT System Faculty Advisory Council Health Affairs Committee (Executive Committee)

    Issues addressed in 2012 2013 ut systems health affairs committee
    Issues Addressed in 2012-2013 UT Systems Health Affairs Committee

    • Document - Submitted to Senator Seliger and Representative Branch in response to the Higher Education Coordinating Board Staff’s recommendation to increase the threshold for low-producing degree programs.

    • Resolution - Submitted to the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs stating that the UT Systems should establish start-up or "bridge" funds for young and established researchers who are scientifically productive and show promise for future contributions to science.

    • Provided - Significant input to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellors regarding the revision of the UT Systems 180: Conflicts of interest, conflicts of commitment, and outside activities policy.

    • Resolution - Submitted to thank Kenneth Shine, MD, past Executive Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs for his work on behalf of the faculty of the University of Texas.

    2013 2014 goals
    2013-2014 Goals

    • Major Vision:

    • The Senate will continue to evolve into an entity that effectively represents the voice of the faculty. The Senate will partner with executive leadership to sustain an environment where both faculty and administration can work in unity, address issues, and establish policies that promote excellence in health care, research, and education, thereby, positioning UTMB and its faculty as global leaders.

    • Goals:

      • Increase communication/outreach between the Senate and UTMB faculty

      • Introduce important faculty issues to the appropriate committees of the Faculty Senate

      • Provide information on faculty issues that occur on a state and national level

      • Work in collaboration with the Faculty Advisory Council to address issues that affect UT System Institutions

        The UTMB Senate, faculty, and executive leadership will “work together to work


        It is always a joy and an honor to serve UTMB and its Faculty

    Chair elect 2013 2014
    Chair-Elect 2013-2014

    James Graham, PhD, DC

    Associate ProfessorDivision of Rehabilitation SciencesSchool of Health Professions

    Associate Member of Graduate FacultyDepartment of Preventive Medicine & Community HealthGraduate School of Biomedical Sciences

    Fellow, Sealy Center of Aging

    Been at UTMB since 2006 (post-doc 2006-2008)

    Chair elect 2013 20141
    Chair-Elect 2013-2014

    • My primary role is research, but I enjoy all three aspects of academia:

    • Research: rehabilitation outcomes, including health disparities, comparative effectiveness, & healthcare policy

    • Teaching: core courses in the Rehabilitation Sciences PhD program

    • Service: several Division- and School-level committees

    Chair elect 2013 20142
    Chair-Elect 2013-2014

    • Faculty Senate roles and responsibilities:


      • Member of Governance Committee


      • Represent Senate on UTMB IHOP Committee

      • Member of the UT System Faculty Advisory Council

      • Work with Drs. Cain and Wiggs to improve the visibility and effectiveness of the Senate.

    Chair elect 2013 20143
    Chair-Elect 2013-2014

    • Broad goals for coming year:

    • Improve two-way communication between Senate and the faculty

    • Assist in introducing important faculty issues to the appropriate committees of the Senate

    • Help summarize and disseminate important information from UTMB administration and UT System Faculty Advisory Council

    Dr david callender president utmb

    Dr. David CallenderPresident, UTMB