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BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement* PowerPoint Presentation
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BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement*

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BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement* - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement*
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Presentation Transcript

  1. BISD is rated overall Recognized for Community and Student Engagement* A.A. Champion Elementary is an overall Exemplary Campus under House Bill 5 Community and Student Engagement * House Bill 5, Section 46; Texas Education Code Section 39.0545

  2. Fine Arts Program rated Exemplary A.A. Champion Fine Arts Program includes: Music, Art, Christmas Music Presentations, Charro Days Presentations, Ballroom Mini Match 2014, Art Competition, Red Hot Ballroom Competition, Mother’s Day Program, among others. Champion Elementary music students performing during our Christmas Program. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY

  3. Wellness and Physical Education Programs rated Exemplary A.A. Champion Elementary Wellness and Physical Education Programs include: Red Ribbon Week Events, CATCH program, Fitness Gram, Community/Campus runs, walks, and Get Moving activities, Community Health Fair, and Breakfast in the Classroom. PICTURED: Coach Dominguez running the mile race with several of our students. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY

  4. Community and Parental Involvement rated Recognized Community and Parental Involvement Program Includes: Weekly meetings, Parent Activities, Tutorials, and Community Service Projects. PICTURE: Parents are shown at one of the weekly meetings held at Champion Elementary. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY

  5. 21st Century Workforce Development rated Exemplary College and Career Day Events PICTURE: Students were able to visit with different agencies during our 2013-2014 Career Day where more than 15 agencies presented for our students. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY

  6. Dropout Prevention Strategies rated Exemplary Dropout prevention strategies included the monitoring of: Attendance Rates for At-Risk students, percentage of retained students in 2013, and percentage of At-Risk students that participated in Accelerated Instruction. PICTURE: 2012 Campus AEIS Report Page 1/4 for Champion Elementary –Shows information about subgroups’ attendance rates and retention percentages. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY

  7. Second Language Acquisition Program Exemplary ELL students are provided with cultural awareness and receive supplemental academic support to assist in the development of the English language. Parents of ELL students participate in activities where they learn strategies to assist their children in their transition from the Spanish to the English language. PICTURE: Champion Elementary Students are shown here eager to participate in the Charro Days Fiesta Del Sol. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY

  8. Digital Learning Environment rated Recognized Campus Resources, Staff Professional Development, Innovative Technology Initiatives, Digital trainings for students, parents, and staff, Digital communication between students, teachers parents and staff are some of the many tools that are used to enhance Digital Learning at Champion Elementary. PICTURE:All upper grade teachers received an I-Pad that they use to enhance the delivery of instruction and promote digital learning. All teachers have projectors, Elmos, laptops and access to 2 computer labs. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY

  9. Gifted and Talented Program rated Recognized Enrollment Nominations, G/T Identification of students, On-Going training for Teachers, Parental Sharing Sessions and Discussion Sessions about G/T opportunities are conducted throughout the year. G/T students submit projects, Oral presentations, and Power Point presentations as part of their academic plan. PICTURE: G/T students proudly represented Champion Elementary at the BISD Science Fair. A.A. CHAMPION ELEMENTARY