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TKAM End of Novel Activity

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TKAM End of Novel Activity - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TKAM End of Novel Activity
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  1. TKAM End of Novel Activity • Label your table of contents TKAM End of Novel Activity & choose a partner to work with • Step 1: Answer the following on your own sheets of paper (but you may work together) • When she takes Boo home, Scout understands many things as she sees the street from this new point of view. Explain what she “sees” now. • How is the theme of acceptance and equality illuminated in the last scene of the novel? Find one quote from the last page of the book to support your answer. • Step 2: Choose ONE of the following activities to complete with your partner • Make the soundtrack for the book. Choose five events from the novel and think of 5 different songs that you are familiar with that fit with those events. Describe each event in a sentence or two and label each event with the artist name and song title. • Draw the city of Maycomb. You must include the school, The Radley House, The Finch House, Miss Rachel’s, Mrs. Dubose, Mr. Avery, and Miss Maudie. You must refer to the descriptions in the book. • Write a journal entry from Boo’s perspective after he saves Scout and Jem. Describe what he might be thinking and feeling after this experience, and his reasons for helping out the children. This should be 5-7 sentences.