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Notes - TKAM

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Notes - TKAM. Amidst darkness and evil, humanity still experiences goodness and faith . Scout – the narrator. A precocious little girl whose innocent observations of a small, Alabama town are enthralling.

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notes tkam

Notes - TKAM

Amidst darkness and evil, humanity still experiences goodness and faith.

scout the narrator
Scout – the narrator

A precocious little girl whose innocent observations of a small, Alabama town are enthralling.

Childish play, adolescent confusion, and adult disappointment create a tapestry rich in detail.

Scout’s voice is not afraid to speak the truth.

values emphasized
Values Emphasized








narrow minded point of view
Narrow Minded Point of View

Mr. Radley’s refusal to let Boo go to an asylum or state school.

Jem’s idea that Boo is kept in chains.

Black people are happy with their second class lifestyle.

Mrs. Dubose is a mean, old lady.


Author’s or narrator’s description of a character

Through a character’s own thoughts, words, or actions,

Through another character’s thoughts, words, or actions

foreshadowing and suspense
Foreshadowing and Suspense

At the end of chapter 9, Atticus has a conversation with his brother Jack about the trouble that will be caused by the racial nature of his case – the Tom Robinson case.

Atticus doesn’t want his children to catch Maycomb’s disease of racism.

Chapter 10 with the mad dog foreshadows the trial and the town’s predictable reaction.

The chapters are juxtaposed to enhance the idea of madness.


“The simplest principles become difficult of practice, when habits, formed in error, have been fixed by time, and the simplest truths hard to receive when prejudice has warped the mind.”

Francis Wright

  • Something that happens which is the complete opposite if what might have been expected.
      • Burning fire station

Scout and Jem now think their father is worth bragging about.

Atticus tells the children not to equate courage with a gun.


A device used in literature to create expectation or to set up an anticipation of later developments.

Atticus’ killing of the rabid dog foreshadows the lone fight Atticus will have to kill racism in Maycomb.

Mrs. Dubose’s courageous campaign foreshadows that Atticus’ battle – like hers- will be tortuous and lonely.