anaerobic technologies and innovations n.
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Anaerobic Technologies and Innovations

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Anaerobic Technologies and Innovations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anaerobic Technologies and Innovations. Tom Hintz – Seahold LLC UNC Charlotte IDEAS Center Bioenergy Symposium April 9, 2013. Your Presenter.

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Anaerobic Technologies and Innovations

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anaerobic technologies and innovations

Anaerobic Technologies and Innovations

Tom Hintz – Seahold LLC

UNC Charlotte IDEAS Center

Bioenergy Symposium

April 9, 2013

your presenter
Your Presenter

Thomas Hintz, is the senior/managing partner at SeaHold LLC. Tom is a seasoned business executive with a solid background of achievements in profit generation, product/project development. Tom graduated from Indiana University in 1983. Tom’s main focus is “Renewable Energy” in California, working with farmers, private industry, universities, innovative entrepreneurs, and government agencies. Tom’s greatest strengths are the conceptualization, visualization and implementation of “waste to energy” projects that yield significant revenue, while maximizing environmentally sound practices. Tom is recognized for his expertise in the field, and regularly advises local, regional and state regulatory agencies and commissions that govern “Renewable Energy” projects.

Tom specializes in making projects happen; from the “pie in the sky” conceptual design through specific, detailed engineering; to the commissioning and operations of alternative energy facilities and the eventual interconnection to natural gas and electrical distribution networks. Tom knows the value of buying and selling energy credits.

what is anaerobic digestion
What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic Digestion is simply the controlled breakdown of organic matter without air, used to manage waste and/or to release energy. It is a biological process that produces an energy-rich biogas, principally composed of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2), which can be used as a fuel.

a typical complete mix digester
A Typical Complete Mix Digester

Fiscalini Farms

Modesto, CA

Biogas Energy, Inc.

Fiscalini Farms

Modesto, CA

Biogas Energy, Inc.

lagoon digester
Lagoon Digester

Joseph Farms - Cottonwood Dairy

Atwater, CA

Williams Engineering Design

plug flow digester
Plug Flow Digester

Qualco Energy

Tulalip, WA


fixed film digester
Fixed Film Digester

The basic fixed-film digester design consists of a tank filled with plastic media on which a consortia of bacteria attach and grow as a slime layer or biofilm hence the name fixed-film digester. The media is fully submerged and wastewater flow can be in either the up-flow or down-flow mode. As the wastewater passes through the media-filled reactor, the attached and suspended anaerobic biomass convert both soluble and particulate organic matter in the wastewater to biogas, a mixture of mostly methane and carbon dioxide

Dairy Research Unit (DRU) at the University of Florida


Special thanks to Kyle Goehring - Eisemann

  • High Solids Digesters
    • Best used for mixed feedstock applications (food waste, animal manure, ethanol production byproducts)
    • Smaller real-estate footprint and feedstock flexibility

Special thanks to Joe Burke - Novus

  • High Rate – Zero Waste
    • 90%+ conversion of feedstock to energy, low turn-around time (4 days); produces organic fertilizer and CLEAN WATER as by-products
financial incentives
Financial Incentives
  • Financial incentives can help offset the cost of anaerobic digestion projects
  • Examples
    • State Of North Carolina - Renewable Energy Tax Credit
    • 35% up to $2.5 million per installation - no system sizing requirement
    • Federal - Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit
    • Electricity produced from anaerobic digesters - .011 per kWH- minimum sizing 150 kW

Extensive information can be found at

make your project successful
Make your project successful !!

Small Footprint - only 4 day HRT

90%+ Conversion to energy

Ability to ‘Test Drive a Plant’

Creation of Organic Fertilizer

Produce Clean Water for reuse

seahold would like to thank
SeaHold would like to thank:

Kyle Goehring - EISENMANNCorporation

Joe Burke – Novus Energy

Jeff Zierdt – Novus Energy

Brian Gannon – Biogas Energy Incorporated

thank you

23551 Rose Quartz Drive

Perris, CA 92570