Getting respite from your regional center
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Getting Respite From Your Regional Center . What Is Respite?. Respite services are non-medical care and supervision provided in the clients’ own home for a regional center client who resides with a family member.

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What is respite
What Is Respite?

  • Respite services are non-medical care and supervision provided in the clients’ own home for a regional center client who resides with a family member.

  • The point of respite is to give you a break from caring for your child with disabilities.

  • This is in recognition of the fact that caring for a person with a disability is draining both physically and emotionally.

What does the respite worker do
What Does The Respite Worker Do?

  • The job of the respite worker is to:

    • Assist family members in maintaining the client at home,

    • Provide appropriate care and supervision to protect the clients’ safety,

    • Relieve family members from the continuous demanding responsibility of caring for the client, and

    • Attend to the clients’ basic self-help needs and other activities of daily living.

How do families get respite
How Do Families Get Respite?

  • Determine that they need Respite services.

  • Request an Individualized Program Plan (IPP) meeting with Regional Center.

    • The meeting must be held within 30 days of your request. WIC § 4646.5(b)

  • Attend the IPP meeting and explain why you need respite services and provide any documentation that you have to support your request.

What is good documentation
What Is Good Documentation?

  • Keep a daily log for a week (or two).

  • Describe specific incidents/reasons why you need respite.

  • If you think there is any doubt as to your need, get other documentation

Is respite free
Is respite free?

  • Effective 01/01/05, some families will have to pay a share of cost for respite services under the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP). See

  • Families subject to the FCPP are those with children between 3 and 17 years old, who live at home, are not eligible for Medi-Cal, and who met certain income guidelines (Income 4 times the FPL).

Can i choose my own respite worker
Can I choose my own respite worker?

  • You can either use an agency that the RC refers you to or you can get a “voucher” from the RC and hire your own worker.

  • If you hire your own worker. You are responsible for hiring, training, monitoring, and paying the worker.