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valuing the gaa club volunteer n.
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Valuing the GAA Club Volunteer PowerPoint Presentation
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Valuing the GAA Club Volunteer

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Valuing the GAA Club Volunteer
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Valuing the GAA Club Volunteer

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  1. Valuing the GAA Club Volunteer Kieran Leddy

  2. Presentation Topics • 1: Volunteering - Why people do and do not volunteer • - Volunteer recruitment and retention • - Club Image and its role in volunteering • 2: Comhairle Programmes - Club Officer Programmes • - Volunteering Programme • - Fundraising Programme • - Club Planning Programme

  3. Introduction • 1: Volunteering is not an ‘exact science’ • 2: There are Do’s and Don’ts involved in encouraging and retaining volunteers • 3: An area where clubs can learn a great amount from one another

  4. Introduction • 1: Volunteers are the backbone of every club in the country • 2: GAA record of volunteering is unrivalled in Ireland • 3: GAA is well respected and promotes exciting, fast and enjoyable games • 4: However, every GAA club need new volunteers and very few have the luxury of having to turn people away!

  5. Volunteering • Why people volunteer • 1: They are passionate about the organisation • 2: Because family members are involved – increasingly important • 3: They want to meet new people and make friends • 4: They respect the organisation • 5: It makes them feel good - health benefits recognised! • 6: They feel their contribution is valued

  6. Volunteering • Why people do not volunteer • 1: They don’t have the time – work, family etc. • 2: They know little about the particular organisation • 3: They have no interest in the organisation • 4: They have no confidence in the club/organisation • 5: They feel they don’t have the necessary skills • 6: They feel their contribution won’t be valued

  7. Recruitment- Introduction • 1: The best way to ensure continued volunteering in the club is to retain those we already have. • 2: The best way to hold on to those we have is to appreciate and • acknowledge what ever they do, no matter how small their contribution is. • 3: The positive stories of current volunteers will help in attracting new volunteers

  8. Recruitment – Club Image • Club Image – Key to Success • Club must have a positive image in the community i.e. the club is • ‘Active, Vibrant, Positive and Progressive’ • People want to be associated with a club that is positive in its outlook • and that is well respected in the local community. • Club must be seen as ‘open’ and ‘welcoming’ to all • People will be less likely to become involved if club is perceived to be a ‘closed shop’ • Create a ‘buzz’ in the club

  9. Recruitment - Club Image • Club Maith Programme – Club Accreditation • Will show members and the community in general that: • 1: Club is well managed • 2: Provides enjoyable activity • 3: Various policies are in place to ensure safety • 4: Club is progressive • ……….give people confidence in the club!

  10. Exercise • Imagine that a family member wants to join a sports organisation that you know little or nothing about. • What would attributes would you look for in that club? • 1: Club is a safe place to be • 2: Club provides meaningful and enjoyable activity • 3: Club is well structured and well managed • 4: Club has good facilities • 5: Club is well respected

  11. Exercise – New Volunteers • Think of all the jobs that need to be done in the club each week. • Include everything from team mentor, secretary, chairman, cutting the grass, lining the pitch, selling lotto tickets, transport, washing jerseys etc….. • Think of people who might be willing to give the club an hour or two to do some of these tasks • Approach them personally and ask them (parents of children playing)

  12. Exercise – New Volunteers • And then……… • Always explain what the job entails, time involved etc. • Support and backup available • Value to club of having this done properly • Keep them informed of other club activity to make them feel part of the club team. • Ensure that this is all they will be asked to do! • Recognise their effort

  13. GAA Comhairle Programmes • 1: Club Officer Programme • 2: Volunteering Programme • 3: Fundraising Programme • 4: Club Planning Programme • Programmes generally encourage clubs to learn from one another • The greatest knowledge resource we have is our own clubs

  14. Club Officer Programme Aim: 1: To provide club officers with the specific knowledge and skills to carry out their roles - 2: To provide a forum where clubs can learn from one another’s experience Structure: 1: Delivered to clubs on a county by county basis in Jan, Feb 2008 2: Club Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and PRO invited 3: Presentation to individual officers followed by workshop

  15. Club Officer Programme Examples of topics covered: Chairman: Effective meetings, vision and planning Secretary: AGM, membership, administration, communication Treasurer: Keeping records, budgeting, planning, AGM duties PRO: Communication, PR in the community Workshop Questions: Focus on improving communication, administration, promotion in the community, promoting club to non-national community

  16. Club Officer Programme Issuing Club Manual 2008 Volume 2 Club Administration Effective Meetings Communication The AGM Officer Roles Insurance Player Welfare……………………etc………….

  17. Volunteer Programme Aim: 1: To advise clubs on the recruitment and retention of volunteers Clubs learn from one another – vast amounts of experience Structure: 1: Best delivered to clubs in groups 2: Provides a forum where clubs learn from one another 3: Presentation slides and workshop – interactive programme

  18. Fundraising Programme Aim: 1: To advise clubs on fundraising in their clubs Clubs learn from another – vast amounts of experience Structure: 1: Best delivered to clubs in groups 2: Provides a forum where clubs learn from one another 3: Presentation slides and workshop – interactive programme

  19. Fundraising Programme • Topics covered • 1: Various points on fundraising discussed –planning, reviewing etc • 2: Discussion on advantages, disadvantages, pitfalls of various fundraising methods e.g. • Night at the dogs, Night at the races, Fundraising Dinner • Direct Debit and Lotto • Buy a brick on club wall • Record a CD of music etc.

  20. Club Planning Programme Aim: To provide assistance to clubs in the development of a ‘club plan’ Structure: 1: Is delivered to individual clubs 2: Involves a one night workshop where club members give their views on various aspects of club activity 3: Workgroup of club members formed to put plan together

  21. Comhairle Facilitators New national structure in place – National Comhairle Facilitator Co-ordinator 5 Provincial Comhairle Facilitator Team Leaders 15 County Comhairle Facilitator Team Leaders Comhairle Facilitators on the ground

  22. Comhairle Facilitators Purpose of Structure: 1: To improve communication between Croke Park and facilitators 2: To better monitor the delivery of programmes 3: To better monitor the level of activity around the country 4: To help in the identification of new facilitators 5: Training in facilitation provided to all Thank you for your attention