unit 13 test australia and oceania n.
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Unit 13 Test Australia and Oceania PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 13 Test Australia and Oceania

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Unit 13 Test Australia and Oceania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 13 Test Australia and Oceania
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  1. Unit 13 TestAustralia and Oceania

  2. What is the theory about how the earliest people arrived in Australia and Oceania? Sailing from Southeast Asia to Oceania/Australia

  3. How did the pattern of land use change in the region with the arrival of Europeans? From hunter/ gatherer to agriculture and ranching

  4. How does proximity to the Pacific impact the region? It affects the culture

  5. What did the British government use Australia for? Penal Colony

  6. What is a perceptual region? Where would you find a perceptual region in Australia? The Outback Region that reflects human feeling and attitudes

  7. How are the states of Australia divided? Man-made borders

  8. With increasing European colonists the settlement patterns changed for Aborigines. What was the change? From coastal to interior Australia

  9. What are common factors among the island groups of Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia? Location and culture

  10. Based on the photos what would the economic activities be classified as? Primary

  11. What is this natural wonder? The Great Barrier Reef

  12. Why is farming limited to coastal areas? Interior is dry and rugged

  13. This region’s economic activities will be affected as the sea level rises. How will the businesses of the region need to respond? Move to less vulnerable areas

  14. Tahiti’s economy has long depended on the harvesting of black pearls. Exploitation has become a concern of the industry. What action is needed to protect the industry? Government Management of the Pearl industry

  15. What can you infer about the FrenchPolynesian government ‘s prior business management of the pearl industry? Loose regulation led to overproduction

  16. The Australian government officially apologized to the Aborigines in 2008. Why? Aborigine Australians Government Government had not considered the Aborigines point of view

  17. What can you infer about the culture of the Maori? 1769 2008 Maintained traditional culture

  18. Australia’s Outback has been isolated. Economic patterns are changing in the area due to travelalong the one road. What caused the improvement/change? Tourism

  19. What is the best generalization about Palau and Samoa? Palau has a high Per capita, but a lower caloric intake

  20. The table compares the languages of indigenous peoples. What conclusion can you make? The languages are related

  21. How do the indigenous people of Australia and New Zealand compare? There is a larger % of indigenous people in New Zealand