personification n.
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  1. Personification is giving human qualities to animals or objects. Personification

  2. Examples Example #1: The trees were begging for water. Example #2: My sun burnt skin was screaming. Example #3: My locker hates me!

  3. Thumbs up or down: Is this sentence personification? My dog stares at me.

  4. Thumbs up or down: Is this sentence personification? The wind whispered through the trees.

  5. Thumbs up or down: Is this sentence personification? I listened to the wind.

  6. Thumbs up or down: Is this sentence personification? The turtle walked towards me.

  7. Thumbs up or down: Is this sentence personification? Cars danced across the icy road.

  8. Read Aloud • Let’s listen to a children’s storyto find common uses for personification. • What are the examples of personification in this story?

  9. Practice • Complete the “Analyzing Personification” pictures and explain the deeper meaning for the four examples. • Use colored pencils when you have finished your sketches.

  10. Circle the Personified Object 1. My evil alarm clock yelled at me to wake up. 2. The old truck huffed and puffed up the steep mountain road. 3. My stubborn hair insisted on standing straight up today.

  11. Circle the Personified Object 4. The brisk wind whispered secrets about faraway places. 5. The tornado attacked the corn field with great wrath. 6. The children built a tree house in the old elm on the hill, and now the elm doesn’t feel lonely anymore.

  12. Example Poem Book I sit here waiting, collecting dust on this shelf.I’m hugging my pages tight.I can take you to a land far away! What am I?

  13. Example Poem Candle I scream out in the dark. I bring light to you. My flame whispers in the quiet. What am I?

  14. What Am I? Train Flower Dog Pencil Tree Leaf Monkey Skateboard Other Ideas • Pick a topic and write a 4 line poem using personification. • Use the object as your title, but do not name the object in your poem. • Include at least three examples of personification in your poem. • End the poem with “What am I?”

  15. Share Time! • You will each read your poem to the class. • Call on someone to guess your object!