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Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network: PowerPoint Presentation
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Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network:

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Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network:. (A worldwide humanitarian network of apitherapists and beekeepers without borders) And the use of Apitherapy in cases of disasters, famines and other emergencies. (1).

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Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network:

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bees for life world apitherapy network
Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network:

(A worldwide humanitarian network of apitherapists and beekeepers without borders)

And the use of Apitherapy in cases of disasters, famines and other emergencies

  • No country where beekeeping flourishes should have any food and health problems, as beehive products provide all nutrients needed by humans and animals, and prevent and heal many diseases, mainly those related to nutritional deficits, viral and bacterial infections, dermatitis, cancers, ulcers, arthritis, malaria, diarrheas, adictions, and other hundreds.
  • During disasters that innocent human beings cannot prevent (hurricanes, earthquakes, famines, accidents and contaminations, terrorist actions, wars, and others) beekeepers and apitherapists can provide assistance to large populations without waiting for governmental initiatives:
  • Honey is a nonperishable food with a lifespan of hundreds o years, has a high energetic value, prevents infections, enhance the immune system, prevents cancer and other diseases, supplies enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Pollen is the best proteic, vitaminic food in Nature, with diverse therapeutic effects. Propolis is antiinflammatory, wound healer, anticancer, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. Also, royal jelly, drone larvae, beeswax, bee venom, beehive air, and whole bees provide a very rich therapeutic arsenal.
  • Bee products are easily obtained, have a very low production cost, have no side-effects or secondary effects, and are available even in the poorest countries.
  • is the Complementary and Alternative Medicine que promoting the use of bee products (honey, pollen, bee bread, royal jelly, propolis, apitoxin or bee venom, hive air, comb beeswax, drone larvae, and whole bees enteras) for nutrition, health and life quality improvement, prevention and treatment of diseases, and cosmetics. Apitherapy includes among its procedures Apitoxinotherapy or therapy with bee venom, and Apipuncture, acupuncture using beestings or injectable apitoxin.
  • Any country, even the poorest one, can develop a highly profitable beekeeping with a minimum investment.
  • Bee products are exportation items.
  • They guarantee all optimal nutrition for a population.
  • The higher the beekeeping development, agriculture yields will be higher.
  • It is an activity excellent for education and reeducation.
  • A noble, educative, and profitable source of labor.
  • All bee products have medicinal properties.
  • Their cost is pennies.
  • Easy obtention, storage, processing, and application.
  • Many diseases can be healed and prevented.
  • Almost no secondary effects.
  • In cases de catastrophes, epidemies, wars, and disasters, Apitherapy is available for poorest countries and with better results than many expensive medical procedures.
apitherapy products
Apitherapy Products
  • Synergic with antibiotics and other medications.
  • Rich nutrients.
  • Immunostimulant.
  • Anticancer.
  • Wound healers.
  • Antiviral, antifungal, wide-spectrum antibacterial.
  • No undesirable secondary effects.
  • No doctor’s prescription is needed.
bees for life world apitherapy network1
"Bees for Life: World Apitherapy Network"
  • is  an international voluntary organization of professionals and lay people who seek to promote the therapeutic use of bee products: honey, wax, pollen, beebread, propolis, apitoxin or bee venom, drone larvae, and royal jelly.
  • We provide emergency assistance with Apitherapy intervention, information, and product contacts, as well as links with bee product suppliers around the world.
bees for life world apitherapy network2
"Bees for Life: World Apitherapy Network"
  • Natural disasters, wars, and famines leave large populations of human beings and animals at high risk: dehydration, malnutrition, open and infected wounds, diarrheas, parasitosis, infectious diseases, ulcers, skin injuries, burns, pain, and other sequelae.
bees for life world apitherapy network3
"Bees for Life: World Apitherapy Network"
  • Apitherapy and beehives are an immediate answer to the need for vitamins, proteins, antibiotics, oral rehydratants, anaesthetics, antiseptics, cicatrizers, topical healers for wounds and burns, tissue preservatives, immunostimulants, and other healing resources.
bees for life world apitherapy network4
"Bees for Life: World Apitherapy Network"
  • Members of Bees for Life are scattered in most countries and are willing to give a hand to the needy and to aid organizations local, national, international, governments, non-governmental organizations wanting to help needy victims.
bees for life world apitherapy network5
"Bees for Life: World Apitherapy Network"

Bees for Life keeps a network-contact list with telephones, addresses, and e-mails, as well as website links to other agencies and organizations.

who are welcome
Who are welcome?
  • Apitherapists
  • Beekeepers
  • Interested professionals
  • All interested people


logo of bees for life
Logo of Bees for Life
  • The logo of Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network Inc. features a bee in the loophole of an Ankh, the Egyptian sign of life associated with royal and divine power.
logo of bees for life1
Logo of Bees for Life
  • The Ankh is bee-comb textured and has its pedestal covered by a DNA double helix (deoxyribonucleic acid). The long DNA molecule produces a bee in each helix extreme and those bees are feeding the Ankh arms.
logo of bees for life2
Logo of Bees for Life

Apitherapy practice is as ancient as the hieroglyphic concept of life and as modern as the most advanced DNA research.

  • To promote the use of Apitherapy as a complementary medicine.

Apitherapy is defined as the use of bee products, i.e. beebread and pollen, bee venom or apitoxin, drone larvae, honey, propolis, royal jelly, wax, whole bees, and other parts or products from the beehive, for nutrition, improvement of health and life quality, prevention and treatment of diseases, and cosmetic use, in humans and animals.


2.To help needy, sick, and disadvantaged populations who could benefit from the use of Apitherapy.

For that purpose, assistance and provision of bee products and apitherapeutic products from donors and other sources shall be requested and coordinated.

3. To educate health professionals such as medical doctors, nurses, nutritionists and others, medical boards and associations, universities, hospitals, and government or non-governmental organizations, as well as the general population on the knowledge, therapeutic procedures, and applications of Apitherapy. Education on Apitherapy comprises courses, trainings, public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, and other similar programs.

4. To promote scientific research, publications, scientific information, presentations in television and other mass media, educational programs and courses for professionals, patients, and all interested people, and in general to widespread knowledge and information on Apitherapy.

5. To articulate the voluntary participation of Apitherapists, Beekeepers, and other interested people in the above described purposes, mainly in cases of famine, epidemics, disasters, and other situations challenging public health and needypopulations.

6. To aid, support, and assist by gifts, contributions, or otherwise, other corporations, community chests, funds and foundations organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational or scientific purposes, no part of the net earnings of which inures to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual, and no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation.

7. To do any and all lawful activities which may be necessary, useful, or desirable for the furtherance, accomplishment, fostering, or attaining of the foregoing purposes, either directly or indirectly, and either alone or in conjunction or cooperation with others, whether such others be persons or organizations of any kind or nature, such as corporations, firms, association, trusts, institution, foundations, or governmental bureaus, departments or agencies.
8. All of the foregoing purposes shall be exercised exclusively charitable and educational purposes in such a manner that the Corporation will qualify as an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future Internal Revenue law.
www beesforlife org

Bees for Life

P.O. Box 65-0707,

Miami, FL 33265, USA

some activities are
Some activities are:
  • Free consultations on Apitherapy by participants around the world to doctors and patients seeking alternative medical procedures for healing diseases.
  • Request of donations of bee products, Apitherapy literature and paraphernalia and/or financial donations/grants to use in Apitherapy for challenged populations.
some activities
-Trainings, Conferences, Courses on Apitherapy in different countries.

-Daily discussions on Apitherapy topics in the Apitherapy Discussion Lists in English, Spanish, German, and French.

Some activities:
some activities1
-Offer assistance for victims of disasters by providing voluntary Apitherapy expertise and products.

-Celebrating the “World Apitherapy Day” for the first time in 2006 in Prapořiště, Czech Republic, after Bees for Life proposed designating Dr. Filip Terč (1844-1917, first scientific researcher on Apitherapy) birthday (March 30. 1844) for that celebration.

Some activities:
some activities3
-Publication of educational brochures, pamphlets, books, DVD’s, CD’s, and other media on Apitherapy in different languages.

-Diffusion of scientific information on Apitherapy via Internet, courses, publications, meetings, and other means around the world.

Some activities:
how bees for life works
Bees for Life is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that promotes Apitherapy as an efficient and cost/effective complementary therapy.

Membership is free for all people interested in Apitherapy and willing to help us to promote its use. Bees for Life offers assistance in treating patients, training people, providing apitherapeutic products, contacting media, organizations, and governments.

how to help
  • Become a Participant.
  • Be a Coordinator in your country/region/city
  • Write letters to politicians, organizations, newspapers and other media, urging to them to allow the use of Apitherapy for victims of natural and man-made disasters and for all people in need.
how to help1
  • Be a Donor and encourage others to donate.
  • Learn and teach Apitherapy, participate in any of the Apitherapy Discussion Lists
world apitherapy day
  • Dr. Filip Terč, the first scientific researcher on medical uses of Apitoxin, was born on March 30, 1844,Prapořiště(Braunpusch), and passed away on October 28, 1917 in Maribor (Marburg an der Drau).
world apitherapy day1
  • OnMarch 30, 2006, we visited to Prapořiště after Passau Congress.
  • On March 30, 2006: first celebration of Dr. Terč's birthday andWorld Apitherapy Day.
how to join bees for life world apitherapy network
How to join Bees for Life– World Apitherapy Network?

Very easy: Go to Internet website of Facebook,

  • Register in Facebook by using your e-mail address and password, name, gender, and date of birth. Log in.
  • Click in the green rectangle “Register”.
registered in facebook
Registered in Facebook?
  • Once registered, write BEES FOR LIFE in the white rectangle to the upper right (“Search”).
  • Click on “Search Facebook”.
already in bees for life world apitherapy network s page
Already in Bees for Life –World Apitherapy Network’spage?
  • Look in the options to the right of this page.
  • Click on “Join the Group”.
  • You are already a member of Bees for Life – World Apitherapy Network.
  • Welcome to our family of apitherapists and beekeepers without borders !!!
fund contributions
Fund contributions
  • Bees for Life (EIN 20-3703789) is an exempt charitable scientific and educational organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Contributions to Bees for Life are tax deductible.
  • Money donations can directly mailed to the organization address.
help us

We have a Bank Account

of Bees for Life in

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.

(8700 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33165, USA; T. 1-800-788-7000;

contact us www beesforlife org

Bees for Life

P.O. Box 65-0707,

Miami, FL 33265, USA