Education system in Finland
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Education system in Finland. WORKING LIFE. Vocational Upper Secondary Education and Training. Students are mainly aged 16-25 years The school-based education system means full-time studies for 3 years at a vocational institution (120 credits).

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Education system in finland

Vocational Upper Secondary Education and Training

  • Students are mainly aged 16-25 years

  • The school-based education system means full-time studies for 3 years at a vocational institution (120 credits).

  • Education and training of compulsory studies is primarily organised in year classes. Else, students follow their individual study plans.

Education system in finland

General Issues

Vocational upper secondary qualifications and study programmes are defined in a Ministry of Education decree. The fields of education are as follows:

• Humanities and education;

• Culture;

• Social science, business and administration;

• Natural sciences;

• Technology, communication and transport;

• Natural resources and the environment;

• Social services, health and sport;

• Tourism, catering and domestic services

Education system in finland

  • Vocational qualifications

  • 150 VET providers

  • 52 vocational upper secondary qualifications

  • 119 study programmes

  • The qualifications provide the students with a wide variety of basic skills as well as more specialised skills in some areas.

  • Students are qualified to find placements in working life, to perform various tasks in their field in changing conditions, and so to develop their vocational skills throughout their lives.

Education system in finland

  • Upper Secondary Vocational Education and Training in a Nutshell

  • Admission requirement is the completion of basic education syllabus

  • Education providers primarily select their students based on earlier academic achievement but may also hold entrance exams or aptitude tests and may take the applicant’s work experience into consideration

  • Application takes place through a joint application system electronically

  • The studies primarily aim at obtaining the vocational skills needed in working life

  • Additionally, three-year studies give general eligibility to apply for studies at universities and polytechnics

Education system in finland

  • Upper Secondary Vocational Education and Training in a Nutshell

  • Opportunities for individual progress in studies

  • A vocational upper secondary qualification can be obtained through attending a vocational school, through apprenticeship training, or through a competence test

  • 20 credits (around 6 months) of the studies are conducted on-the-job

  • Skills demonstrations were launched in 2006 as proof of having reached the goals given to vocational studies.

Education system in finland

North Karelia College

part of

North Karelia Municipal

Education and Training Consortium

  • 8 Colleges

  • Adult Education Centers

  • 7700 students

  • staff: 1050

  • Owned by 14 county's municipalities

  • 169 000 inhabitants in North Karelia

Education system in finland

Educations 120 credits

  • Dancer

  • Artisan

  • Visual Artisan

  • Media Assistant

  • Game development Theather and event technology Graphic design Sound production Film and sound

  • Practical nurse

  • Machinist

  • Plater-welder

  • ICT-assembler

  • Printing AssistantDesign Assistant


Education system in finland

  • Applying to college

  • Admission procedure will take place through the joint application system, maintained by the Finnish National Board of Education

  • Students are free to choose which educational institution they apply to. If a person does not gain admittance to the school of his or her first choice, other possible schools are considered

  • Entrance exams

  • ->

Curriculum 120 credits
CURRICULUM 120 credits

  • vocational studies 90 credits,

  • including on-the-job learning min. 20 credits

  • skills demonstrations

  • core subjects (20 credits, 16 compulsory + 4 optional)

    • the native language

    • the other national language and a foreign language

    • mathematics

    • physics and chemistry

    • social, business and labour-market subjects

    • health education; physical education

    • arts and culture; environmental studies

    • ICT; ethics, other cultures

    • psychology and entrepreneurship

    • free-choice studies, which vary (10 credits)

  • Studies include at least 1.5 credits of student counselling.

Education system in finland