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National Inventory System in Finland PowerPoint Presentation
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National Inventory System in Finland

National Inventory System in Finland

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National Inventory System in Finland

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  1. National Inventory System in Finland Workshop on QC and QA of GHG Inventories and the Establishment of National Inventory Systems 2-3 September 2004, Copenhagen

  2. Outline of the presentation • Climate Strategy preparation and reporting system in Finland • GHG inventory project in Statistics Finland • Quality strategy for the GHG inventory system in Finland • Quality management: Practical solutions to requirements of the UNFCCC Decision 20/CP.7. • National system for inventory preparation and reporting in Finland • Annual inventory process • Quality management process of GHG inventory • Quality programme 2004 (general inventory level) GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  3. Climate Strategy preparation and reporting system in Finlandaccording to the Decision in principle of the Government of 30 January 2003 defining the tasks of different authorities in national climate policy EC GHG Monitoring MechanismCommission, Climate Change Committee • Climate strategy formulation • Government, Ministerial working group, • Co-ordinating Contact Network in the administration • Ministries: Trade and Industry, Environment, Forestry and Agriculture, Transport and Communications, Finance, Foreign Affairs Emission trading and register Energy Market Authority UNFCCC,Kyoto Protocol • National System for GHG inventory and reporting • Statistics Finland (Single National Entity) • Expert Organisations • Finnish Environmental Institute, Finnish Forest Research Institute, Agrifood Research Finland, Technical Research Centre of Finland GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  4. GHG inventory project in Statistics Finland Mikko Äikäs Inventory databases Kai Skoglund CRF-tables, reporting An ongoing project will establish the operating conditions for the National inventory unitat Statistics Finlandand institute the National inventory system by the end of 2004. Kari GrönforsCo-ordination and development of inventory Leena Raittinen Quality management Tuija Lapveteläinen NIR-reporting and media communications Mirja Kosonen Project Manager, Legal and contractual basis of the inventory system GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  5. Quality strategy for the GHG inventory system in Finland • quality requirements for the GHG inventory are integrated to the National system & annual inventory process • no separate QM system • Statistics Finland has the overall responsibility of the quality of the inventory; co-ordinates the QM activities • all parties of the national system are responsible for the quality of their own inventory calculations • documentationprovides confidence in the conformity of the system to the requirements Requirements Documentation Implementation Documentation National system Annual inventory process GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  6. Quality management: Practical solutions to requirements of the UNFCCC Decision 20/CP.7. (Paragraphs 11-17: Specific functions for National Systems) • A systematic inventory process is generated to ensure the continual improvement of the inventory • The different Parties of the inventory and their responsibilities are identified • Quality objectives are set and recorded • QC and QA activities are planned and written down as the QA/QC plan • It is confirmed that the Revised 1996 IPCC Guidelines and the IPCC good practice guidance are followed in identifying key source categories, preparation of emission estimates, uncertainty assessments, recalculations and QC and QA • The planned general Tier 1 QC procedures (and where possible, source category-specific Tier 2 QC procedures) are implemented • The planned inventory evaluations are made (preferably by an independent third party) before the submission of the inventory • The inventory is documented and archived to facilitate its replication and assessment • Inventory review processes are enabled GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  7. National system for inventory preparation and reporting in Finland Responsible national entityStatistics Finland EC Monitoring Mechanism & UNFCCC Compilation and reporting of the inventory Sector and emission specific calculationsExpert organisations Energy Industrial Processes Subcontract: Administrative information: Environmental permits,Emission trading,Traffic Transport Technical Research Centre of Finland Co-operation with Government ministriesparticipating in the preparation of climate policy Agreements on inventory: F-gases Waste Finnish Environmental Institute Agriculture Agrifood Research Finland Land use change and forestry Finnish Forest Institute GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  8. Annual inventory process • setting quality objectives • specifying necessary processes and resources to fulfil the quality objectives • selecting methods and emission factors • assessing the effectiveness of the inventory system • conclusions for future action InventoryImprovement InventoryPlanning Act Plan Continual improvement Check Do InventoryEvaluation InventoryPreparation • implementing QA activities (review procedures) • carrying out procedures for theverification of the inventory data at the national level • collecting activity data • estimating GHG emissions and removals • implementing uncertainty assessment • implementing QC checks • documenting end archiving inventory material GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  9. Quality management process of GHG inventory Quality of GHG inventory = capability of the inventory to meet its requirements Quality requirements for GHG Inventory: UNFCCC Decision 20/CP.7, Council Decision 2004/280/EC Transparency  Consistency  Comparability  Completeness  Accuracy Timeliness Definition of the contents of the quality requirements:UNFCCC Decision 18/CP.8. Improvement of quality UNFCCC Decision 20/CP.7. Results from Quality Control and Quality Assurance, and analyses of observations are utilised to draw conclusions based on facts about actions that are required to improve inventory quality (= i.e. its capability to meet the set requirements). Planning and implementation of quality assurance (QA) IPCC GPG Chapter 8 &2-5 UNFCCC Dec.20/CP.7. Inspections, reviews, and audits to ascertain thestandard reached in meeting the quality objectives. • Setting of quality objectives • UNFCCC Decision 20/CP.7. • What standard do we aim for • in fulfilling each quality • requirement? • A quality objective is • Annual • Concrete • Achievable • Measurable. • Planning and implementation of • quality control (QC) • IPCC GPG Chapter 8 & 2-5 • UNFCCC Decision 20/CP.7. • Actions aimed at attainment of • the quality objectives, such as: • Routine checks of the integrity, correctness and completeness of data • Identification of errors and deficiencies • Documentation and archiving of • inventory data and quality control actions. Quality assurance planfor annual inventory How will the inventory be evaluated? Quality control planfor annual inventory How do we intend to reach the targets? Quality objectivesfor annual inventory What standard do we aim for? Descriptions and records generated by quality control actions What outputs and results did we produce? Inspection, review and audit reports Did we succeed? Archive of inventory data and CRF tables Inventory improvement plan What improvement actions should we take? GHG Inventory Unit / LR

  10. Quality programme 2004 (general inventory level) Objectives Activities The project for the establishment of GHG inventory unit in Statistics Finland Only general objectives were set in the situation of transitional arrangements until end 2004 Documentation of National system Establishment of National inventory system Identification and documentation of Calculation protocols (the actual system for producing the CRF-sectoral inventories) Definition and allocation of specific responsibilities in the inventory Agreements on the inventory with the agencies and institutions, which belong to the National inventory system Familiarisation of the Finnish inventory experts with the international guidelines concerning GHG inventories (and analysis of the gap between the requirements and the actual inventory procedures in Finland) Identification and documentation of inventory compilation and reporting process Formation and working of the QA/QC steering group consisting of inventory experts from expert organisations and chaired by QA/QC co-ordinator from Statistics Finland Improvement of transparency of the inventory to meet the requirements Documentation of the CRF-sectoral inventories (organisation, work process, methodology, uncertainty estimation, recalculations, quality programme, improvement plan, documentation and archiving) Adoption of the principle of continuous improvement GHG Inventory Unit / LR