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Angus Cattle Breeding PowerPoint Presentation
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Angus Cattle Breeding

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Angus Cattle Breeding - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Brandy Messer. Angus Cattle Breeding. Let’s go to California, where all the happy cows are!.

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let s go to california where all the happy cows are
Let’s go to California, where all the happy cows are!

what the research community is doing
What the research community is doing.
  • Hormone shots so cows will produce more eggs to put into surrogate mothers
  • Cloning
  • Protein in milk may help cure some cancer without damaging other cells

reasons for breeding
Reasons for breeding
  • Steak preferences
  • Selling, $$$$$$$

  • Specific characteristics, horns, no horns, color, good mothers, milk

  • Crossing breeding

  • Milk

  • Lean beef with visible fat can be part of a low saturated fat diet and doesn’t increase the risks of heart disease. “I Heart Beef”

henshaw s story
Henshaw’s Story
  • Twins born, same sex, and mother accepting all calves is rare but not for the Henshaws. Big Mama gave birth to triplet bull calves and she accepted ALL three.

jim miles story
Jim Miles Story
  • Imagine a man standing behind a heifer, who was having a calf, for about 10 min holding onto the calf until it fell out of the mother.
  • Wouldn’t your arms get tired?
rorvig ranch story
Rorvig Ranch story…
  • Often cows have twins and only except one. If there is a mother who lost her calf some ranchers skin the dead calf and put the hide on the orphan twin so the mother who lost her calf will except the orphan.

mark becker story
Mark Becker story…
  • Can you imagine being inside your mother all warm and cozy, then being dropped onto a snow covered hard, ground and it being sub zero degrees outside?



  • Cows can survive through many obstacles. No matter how young it is.
  • Beef is good for you
  • It takes a lot of hard work to have cows
  • Newborn calves are really cute