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Gino Graziano Division of Agriculture

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Gino Graziano Division of Agriculture - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Division of Agriculture Projects and Coordination Challenges With Invasive Weeds and Agricultural Pests Management. Gino Graziano Division of Agriculture Strategic Planning and Regulation Review – Update. Public planning meeting held March 2009

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Division of Agriculture Projects and Coordination Challenges With Invasive Weeds and Agricultural Pests Management

Gino GrazianoDivision of

strategic planning and regulation review update
Strategic Planning and Regulation Review – Update
  • Public planning meeting held March 2009
  • Plan is drafted, pending final edits it will be out for review shortly
  • Regulation review will be forthcoming

Ag staff presented information on strategic planning and how to participate at workshops and conferences in addition to the regular planning meeting.

horticulture industry coordination
Horticulture Industry Coordination
  • One of many pathways for introduction
  • These businesses are where consumers get products and information
  • Non-regulatory approach

Purple loosestrife infestation in Westchester lagoon, Anchorage could affect salmon and waterfowl.

Late blight could devastate the potato industry.

horticulture industry coordination1
Horticulture Industry Coordination
  • Facilitate development of cooperative measures to promote public
    • Prevention
    • Management
    • Cooperation
    • Purchase of preferred products
  • Ag will promote program
    • Develop/distribute outreach materials
    • Air Public Service Announcements

Horticulture is one of the largest agriculture sectors in Alaska.

spotted knapweed eradication
Spotted Knapweed Eradication
  • Recorded at 23 locations
  • Persists at 7
  • Decreases agricultural production
  • Decreases forage available for game
  • Division of Ag is
    • Managing each infestation
    • Developing report to continue efforts

Knapweed infested farm in Montana,

Knapweed costs Montana economy $14 million/year.

Ag and partners work with the Railroad. Alaska project cost is approximately $60,000/year.

spotted knapweed eradication1
Spotted Knapweed Eradication
  • Early Detection- Need increased participation of agencies
  • Equipment washing needs to be increased
  • Tongass National Forest requires equipment washing for projects in remote areas- need to address all areas

Knapweed infestation on Turnagain arm (left) and TongassN.F. road outside of Kake (right).

Contaminated equipment.

Washing is necessary especially when equipment is from outside.

canada thistle management anchorage
Canada thistle management - Anchorage
  • Thistle impacts:
    • Agricultural
    • Forage for game
  • Prevalent on Anchorage Roadsides
  • Limited distribution in the rest of Southcentral
  • Delta Junction eradicated thistle
  • Kenai Peninsula CWMA will eradicate

Thistle infestation in Homer, Alaska

Rack cards can help the public ID and report infestations

Thistle is widely distributed in Anchorage

canada thistle management anchorage1
Canada thistle management - Anchorage
  • DOT willing to participate in mowing – No other help with control
  • AK railroad managing thistle on property
  • Significant attention needed for private land

Thistle infestation bordering

Anchorage neighborhood

Thistle infests numerous sites on Anchorage road system

partnering agencies and the public
Partnering – Agencies and the Public
  • Partnering with
  • Producers and interested groups
  • Cooperative Weed Management Areas
  • Federal agencies strong partners
  • State agencies/divisions slowly coming on board

Forest Service personnel assist in managing knapweed

Ag staff participate in local workshops

partnering agencies and the public1
Partnering – Agencies and the Public
  • Provide project specific recommendations
    • State agencies seeking control advise
    • DOT, State Parks, ANILCA office
    • Municipalities
  • Provide presentations and trainings

Knotweed shown here infesting a SE Alaska beach is common on SE Alaska roadsides

Canada thistle infestation on roadside

  • Significant progress is being made
  • Division of Agriculture is developing partnerships and projects with multiple agencies
  • State and some fed agencies need direction from their leaders to participate