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ART BY: gIno salerno

ART BY: gIno salerno. by: Eduardo Maldonado. amazing art sculptures .

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ART BY: gIno salerno

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  1. ART BY: gInosalerno by: Eduardo Maldonado

  2. amazing art sculptures • Local artist Gino Salerno has created imaginative works of folk art from the stumps of dead trees located in public areas throughout the city. A number of the sculptures used to be found in central Riverside Park and many other parts in Wichita, Kansas. Many of the sculptures were destroyed by vandalism or destroyed by natural decay. There is a book that was published by the artist that is a record of the art. It is called, “A Day in the Park.”

  3. artist at work • This is Gino working on a sculpture.

  4. INTERVIEW WITH GINO SALERNO • Questions: • 1.        How long have you been an artist?  • 2.       What inspired you to do this as a living? • 3.       Are there things that are hard about making a living doing art? • 4.       Is making art your full-time job?  Do you have any other jobs? • 5.       Where did you go to school and what did you major in? • 6.       Did you grow up in the United States? Where is your family from?

  5. ANSWERS FROM THE ARTIST! • 1. I have been an artist for at least 30 years. • 2. the truth is being as successful as an artist could be, you could not support a family of seven on art income alone. Some months are very good and you sell a lot of your work. Other months nothing sells and the bills accumulate. A person almost needs to have a backup job for when the recession comes. • 3. art is very fun and can make a person very relaxed and able to enjoy other aspects of life. However , making a very nice piece of art does not mean necessarily that somebody is going to buy it. To be a good artist, an individual needs to work hard and be able to take some risks, however it gets more difficult if people are depending on you. • 4. art is a full time job for me since there is not a day that I do not think artistically . • 5. I have several majors from several universities including WSU, Emporia state and Newman University . My majors include: fine arts, biology, MLS, teacher certification, physician assistant. • 6.I was born in Lima, Peru. My family came from Italy. I have been in Wichita for more than 25 years.

  6. Scarecrow, Dorothy, Lion and Tin Man are characters from the movie, “The Wizard of Oz.” These are some of his favorites and are now at his home in Wichita, KS.

  7. About the artist • http://www.kake.com/news/features/4/54172.html

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