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YouTube History. By Leo Hsieh. How YouTube started: part 1. Its started when Three guys work at PayPal. Chad Hurley Steve Chen Jawed Karim

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Youtube history

YouTube History

By Leo Hsieh

How youtube started part 1
How YouTube started: part 1

Its started when Three guys work at PayPal.Chad Hurley Steve Chen Jawed Karim

All of them needed money and had an idea to let people post their video publicly, and share with others. The first video they posted is a simple video of Jawed going to a zoo.

How youtube started part 2
How YouTube started: part 2

At first there was no video, they pay for people who would post video on there. Sadly, no one accepted. ( If they came looking for me, I definitely post a video for them.) The first month they share their website, they give out iPod Nano to a random user. After that happens YouTube became real POPULAR!!!

About youtube
About YouTube

YouTube was rated as number fourth (most viewed website in the world). 2006 people uploaded millions of videos every minute-> now people uploaded millions of videos every SECOND. It’s a big difference from before and now. YouTube was bought buy Google, but many people thinks it’s a wrong choice to let Google buy YouTube. They think it should some else website to buy them. But is that true? Now Google is the number one site over all the website!! Even the queen in England make a YouTube site!!See? Things change over time.

First few popular videos
First few popular videos

There were a few popular videos “ The Revolutionary of dance” was the most viewed. One of the first popular video is “ Charlie bit my finger.” (I checked it out its only keep saying “Owwww! Charlie bit my finger, then the boy laughed.) It helped YouTube a lot, people nowadays went on YouTube to watch these funny video.

How youtube earn money
How YouTube Earn money?

YouTube, even though YouTube is a free site but they still earn money, people ask to put on their ads. According to the video, they will chose who is most likely to watch the video, so they put a certain ad. Such as videos that talks about stock, they should have ads about investing.

Different kinds of ads
Different Kinds of ads.

  • Ads on the main page.

  • Ads on search result.

  • Ads before the video started.

  • Ads beside the video, or pop out.

Musician youtube
Musician- YouTube

YouTube helped musicians in many ways, the musicians put up their music videos and let people watch it. Eventually the musicians became more popular, some of them are even famous because of YouTube!! Ex: Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black. Some musicians eventually became more popular but some musician are teased at. People preview the music video and after all if they like it, they will buy the music from a music station.

Why i like youtube
Why I like YouTube?

I like YouTube because it help people to show what they like without embarrassment. At first when your talking a video you wouldn’t thought about who’s watching. It’s also a place to share your feeling whether your sad, happy, angry. People can also have a lot of fun on there, If you haven’t watch a certain episode of a TV series. YOU CAN WATCH IT UP THERE.


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