the sociology behind n.
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The official YouTube

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Aug 2006 YouTube announces its goal of free video

Feb 2005 YouTube Founded

May 2005 First Public Sneak Preview

Sep 2005 Officially opens for Public

Oct 2006 Google buys for $1.65 bn

  • 100 million clips viewed daily
  • 65,000 videos uploaded every day
  • 56 % Male and 44 % females
  • Dominant Age Group:12- 17 years
  • 5th Most visited website on the Internet
  • Popularity has spawned similar websites like Joost, Veoh, Babbelgum.
  • Common users post videos and get responses in form of comments , videos and ratings.
  • Developers encourage social contacts by categorizing as:

Most Recent Most Viewed

Top Rated Most Discussed Top Favorites Most Linked Recently Featured Most Responded

  • A channel is a user's page. It contains a user's profile information, videos, favorites etc.
  • Account types include:

1.YouTuber, a general viewer of YouTube.

2. Director, movie makers displaying their videos for YouTube viewers.

3. Musician, musicians or bands covering songs or displaying originals or giving lessons on songs, scales, chords, etc.

4. Comedian, comedians displaying their comedy bits

5. Guru, people who are experienced in a certain field make videos of what they do.

  • YouTube also has a Partner Account , but it isn’t for mere YouTubers or common mortals.
groups and streams
Groups and Streams
  • Allow multiple people to discuss things publicly, post multiple videos that apply to the discussion.
  • As a creator or member of a Group, you can choose to add videos, invite other members, begin conversations and offer comments to the videos and topics that other members have added.
  • Streams allow video chats where users add videos (Favorites, QuickList or Links) to a room and chat with text in real-time.
  • Streams allow you to chat with people watching same video.
  • Contests involving video responses to questions like “ Make the best Heinz Ad and win !!!” or “ CNN’s What would you ask the Presidential candidates”.
  • The official YouTube "Contests" section is for paid advertisers only. Common Users are encouraged to create contests via Group option.
  • YouTube created a You Choose 08 channel, which serves as another platform for politicians who have thrown their hat into the ring for the 2008 Presidential Election.
  • Now view candidate’s video responses and choose the next President!
sociology facts
Sociology Facts
  • Most of the popular videos are of short length approx 2.5 to 3.5 min
  • Peak traffic between 2pm and 6pm and significant traffic after midnight to 4 am.
  • Peak days are typically Tuesday to Thursday*
  • Older videos have higher ratings.
  • Most popular categories are: Entertainment , Sports and News. Least popular : Autos , Pets and Travel.
  • New Features like Active Sharing , Remixer , AudioSwap.
  • Hate turns Love : Official, licensed but importantly free content from NBC , CNN , Warner Group , Sony BMG , EMI.  Sharing of ad revenue , but FREE !!!
  • Privacy settings for family , private messaging , address book , bulletins.
  • YouTube lingo !