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  1. UNIVERSITY SIKKIM MANIPAL CYBOTECH CAMPUS™ An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute University Study Centre Code:- 01696 Final Semester Of MBA & BBA Project Preparation And Submission Guideline

  2. SYNOPSIS It is a summary[blue-print] of project on which the project proposal of the student is validated.

  3. Project Preparation and Submission Criteria • Maximum two students are allowed in a single project title in BBA. • Only one student is allowed in a single project title in MBA. • Out of your prescribed syllabus, you can select any topic according to your specialisation for your project. • A4 size white page must be use in printing for project document (Synopsis & Project Report). • Page Specifications: • I. Left Margin: 2” • II. Right Margin: 1” • III. Top Margin: 1” • IV. Bottom Margin: 1” • All topics must have a label page. • All pages must contain page number in bottom-right footer area of page. • Project must be binded in spiral binding/book form. • 1.5 Line spacing should be used for typing the general text. The general text shall be typed in the font style ‘Times New Roman’, font size 12 and font size 14 for Headings.

  4. Project Guide- • Only the given project guide will be accepted Guides for MBA Project:- Prof. Renuka yashswee , Prof. Randhir kumar, Prof. • Ranjani kumari, & Prof. Sarvesh Pandey. • Guide Registration Number : MBABR0024 - RENUKA YASHASWEE • MBABR0025 - SARVESH KUMAR • MBABR0026 - RANJANI KUMARI • MBABR0030 - RANDHIR KUMAR

  5. Project Will Submitted In Two Phase • Project Synopsis Submission Last date- 15-10-2014 • Final Project Report & Project CD Submission-For Correction –30th Nov 2014 • Final Project Report Upload Through Edunxt Portal : 10 -15 Dec 2014 • Final Project Report Submission for BBA Final Semester :16 – 26 Dec 2014

  6. Synopsis of Project The Contents of Synopsis are:- • Front Page. • Guides Certificate (It contain Student’s roll, Name as well as Guide Name & Qualification ). • Content Page (It contain all the topics name & its page number). • Introduction of the project work ( Problem definition, Core Objective, Procedure & expected Findings). • Title of Project (It contain only the title of the project). • Object of Project (It contain the objective of the project in concise manner). • Research methodology (Research design, Data source, Sampling technique, Data collection methods, Data Collection tools, Analytical tools). • References and Bibliography need to be given

  7. Student Enrollment Number (University Roll Number) • Student Name • Course • Semester • Project Title (Must be self defined according to Project) • Study Centre Name • Study Centre Code • [Download the FRONT PAGE from] Front Page Of Synopsis Must Contain[For MBA only]

  8. Research Methodology • Research Design- Describe the research design to be used (e.g.-descriptive, exploratory, experimental etc.). • Data Sources- Describe the data sources to be used (primary, secondary). • Data Collection Tools- Describe the data collection tools to be used (scheduled, questionnaire etc.). • Data Collection Methods- Methods to be used for collecting Primary data (observation method, interview method, survey method etc.) • Sampling Technique- Describe the sampling techniques to be used(probability sampling, non probability sampling). • Analytical Tools- Describe the analytical tools to be used (Statistical Tools like- Mean, Median, mode, Frequency Distribution etc, Mathematical Tools like- Percentage Method etc).

  9. Final Project Report [For MBA & BBA] The final project report should consist of the following components:  Cover page  Title page  Student Declaration  Certificate by the Guide  Company Certificate (if any)  Acknowledgement  Table of contents  List of Tables  List of Figures  List of Symbols (if any)  List of Abbreviations (if any)  Executive Summary • Chapter I: Introduction - Industry Information - Organisational Information • Chapter II: Project design and study - Introduction to the study - Statement of the problem - Objectives of the study - Methodology Data collection Sampling design Statistical techniques used - Limitations of the study • Chapter III: Data Analysis and Interpretation • Chapter IV: Findings • Chapter V: Suggestions and Conclusion  Bibliography  Annexures

  10. About Project Report • Final Project Report must have TWOhard copies. • TWO soft copy burnt on CD.

  11. About CD • University Roll Number • Name of the student • Course & Semester • Project Title • Centre Name & Learning Centre Code Note:- All Student’s Details must be written on CD using permanent marker.

  12. Suggested Topics For MBA Topics For Human Resource Management- • A study of performance appraisal in XYZ organisation • Job satisfaction survey at XYZ organisation • Training Effectiveness in an organisation • Motivational analysis of an organisation • A comparative analysis of recruitment and selection process of any two organizations Topics For Marketing Management- • A study on supply chain management of XYZ organisation • A study on consumer awareness and satisfaction of a particular company • A study to know penetration level and brand loyalty among existing consumers of a company A study of marketing strategies of XYZ organization

  13. Topics For Financial Management- • Profitability and operational efficiency of public sector banks. • A study on Indian financial system post liberalization. • A comparative study of finance performance of banks using various ratios. A Study of Working Capital Management

  14. Project Work - Phases


  16. Project Synopsis Submission for Approval • Student needs to submit the project synopsis for approval through their EduNxt portal. • Your guide should approve the project Synopsis. The template given in Annexure-I [SUBMISSION OF PROJECT SYNOPSIS AND GUIDE ACCEPTANCE FORM] (downloadable from EduNxt) is to be used. • The project synopsis should contain the clear statement about the project statement, the resource requirements of the proposed project where it would be suitable and along with the Guide Acceptance letter. • . Project Synopsis may be disqualified if it is prepared without the Guide’s Signature. Refer to fig.-1 for details of the activities involved in this stage.

  17. New Guide Registration • The Guide to be identified by the student and need to be registered with SMU-DE in the prescribed format given in Annexure-II [NEW GUIDE REGISTRATION FORM] (downloadable from EduNxt). • This is the one time process. • The guide details and his/her credentials to be forwarded along with the project synopsis by the student to the project steering committee for New Guide Registration. • All status information (Submission Acknowledgement/Approved/Rejected) will be informed to the student, Guide and LC through the e-mail. • The deadlines for Project synopsis submission/Guide Registration for your session please visit EduNxt portal or university website.

  18. EduNxt Access Procedure (For Project Synopsis Submission)

  19. Step 1: Go to the EduNxt URL ( and enter your user-id and password

  20. Step 2: Go to Project Tile (for Example: “ML0014-Project-DE”) and click on it to enter to the Project synopsis submission page.

  21. Step 3: Click on “Submit Project Synopsis”

  22. Step 4: (i) Read the Guidelines carefully before filling the form. (ii) Download the “Project Synopsis Submission and Guide Acceptance Form” for Project Synopsis Submission (or see Annexure I) or “Project Guide Registration form” for New Project Guide Approval (or see Annexure II). (iii) Make your Project Synopsis ready for upload. (Fill the form in all aspects, scan and convert your document in to either .doc or .pdf file) (iv) Select the checkbox and click on “submit synopsis” button.

  23. Step 5: Fill the Project Synopsis details, Select the scanned file by using “browse file” option. (Note: It accepts only .doc, .docx and .pdf formats). Upload your file by clicking on “Upload now” button.

  24. Step-6: If you want to see the file you have uploaded click on “view synopsis” button. Further if you edit/ delete the uploaded file, delete the file by clicking “delete” option and upload the latest file by using “browse file” option.

  25. Step 7: Fill the Guide Details and click on “Click here for New guide registration” for forwarding Guide registration form (Download the form, which is available in Guidelines page or click on “Guide Registration form”) along with his/her credentials to the project steering committee for approval through email.

  26. Step 8: Once project synopsis and guide details are uploaded, click on “submit” button. On successful submission, your status will show as “Your synopsis has been submitted to project steering committee for Approval.

  27. Step 9: (i) Once submitted, Project steering Committee will review your Synopsis submission and Guide Registration. You will get the Status updation in your mail box and EduNxt login. (ii) If your synopsis is accepted by Project steering committee, you will get the approved mail and you can start your project work.

  28. Step 10: If your synopsis is rejected by project steering committee, you will be requested to resubmit your synopsis again. Then click on “resubmit project synopsis” and start from step 4.