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Oxfam Canada: Who Are We? PowerPoint Presentation
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Oxfam Canada: Who Are We?

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Oxfam Canada: Who Are We? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Oxfam Canada: Who Are We?
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  1. Oxfam Canada: Who Are We?

  2. Oxfam Canada Is an international development agency committed to the equitable distribution of wealth and power through fundamental social change.

  3. 120 Countries $350 Million 4,000 Employees

  4. What makes Oxfam Canada unique

  5. Rights-based Approach Oxfam adheres to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which entitles all people to safety, a voice in the decisions that affect them, equality, basic social services, and a secure means of earning a living.

  6. Partnerships Rather than provide short-term aid, we work with local communities to create lasting solutions to poverty by helping people address the root causes of poverty themselves.

  7. Linking Local and Global Oxfam is deeply committed to our community-based work, but we also recognize that there are larger barriers that can keep people in poverty. To tackle these obstacles, we do national and international policy and advocacy work.

  8. Commitment to education Oxfam works to foster a broad understanding of the root causes of poverty and injustice and promotes the role each of us can play in a global movement for social change.

  9. Canada Areas of work: public education, campaigning, advocacy, coalition‑building, program linkages with overseas partners

  10. Control Arms is one the issues on which we should be celebrating as the UN moves ever closer to adopting a legally-binding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). On Friday 31st Oct (2008), 147 states voted overwhelmingly at the UN to move forward with work on an Arms Trade Treaty. This is an increase on the 139 states which voted to start the UN processes in Oct 2006, showing increasing global support for the treaty. Success Story: Control Arms

  11. Oxfam Canada’s “Be the CHANGE you want to see in the world.” -Mahatmas K. Gandhi

  12. Hasnat Ahsan (Youth and Campus Outreach Office): Contact Info

  13. Emergency Response Disasters hit poor people the hardest, often impacting the lives of women most severely. It's a fact. When a storm hits, impoverished communities are the last to receive warning. When an earthquake strikes, they are the least prepared to withstand it. And when conflict is waged, they have the fewest resources for recovery. Oxfam’s Actions

  14. Campaigning For Change Oxfam remains committed to community-based work, but we know there are large barriers that keep people from thriving. Through our campaigns, we challenge laws and policies that reinforce poverty. Campaigning for Change

  15. Oxfam Canada devotes considerable energies to working within Canada, not just to mobilize resources but to actively engage Canadians in ideas, debate and action to address the inequalities that underlie poverty and injustice around the world and here in Canada Public Engagement