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INSTRUCTIONS & TOOLS. How to Become An IMA Expert. #2 - Review the business building tools that help you sell the IMA to your independent operators. Objectives:. #1 - Know what an IMA is and which accounts qualify for it. #3 - Execute your plan using the knowledge and materials!.

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  2. How to Become An IMA Expert #2 - Review the business building tools that help you sell the IMA to your independent operators. Objectives: #1 - Know what an IMA is and which accounts qualify for it. #3 - Execute your plan using the knowledge and materials!

  3. What is an IMA? The Nestlé Waters’ IMA is an Independent Merchandising Allowance between the account and Nestlé Waters where the account will receive financial compensation based on # of cases purchased through approved distributors over a 6 month time period. How it works Approved distributors send sales data about the account to MSA or VIP. MSA/VIP provides cases purchased by each account to Nestlé Waters. Nestlé Waters sends a check to account 2x per year.

  4. IMA Sign-up Form Details Payments based on cases purchased from authorized suppliers that submit data to MSA or VIP only Cases purchased from Mass Merchandisers, Clubs, Grocery stores, among other suppliers will not qualify Account is paid based on the volume hurdles achieved in a specific 6 month period Account payouts in 2 periods Jan-June purchases – checks sent around August, 2013 July-December purchases – checks sent around February, 2014 Account can receive up to $890 annually A maximum of $345 per period if account sells 300 or more cases ($690 for 2 periods) Account receives a $200 bonus if they sell over 600 cases in a calendar year IMPORTANT: Physical store address AND payment address are required to receive payment

  5. IMA Changes for 2014 • Payments – total max payout changes from $810 to $890 • Case hurdles – minimum case payout for 6 months has changed from 50 to 60 and to get max credit has changed from 280 to 300. Case goal of 600 for bonus has not changed • Single, Double and Triple case values for 2014

  6. Know Which Accounts Are Eligible for the IMA IndependentC-Stores IndependentLiquor Stores IndependentFoodservice • Bar / Nightclub • Bodega / small format grocery • Lodging • Golf courses / Country Clubs

  7. Know Which Accounts Are Not Eligible for the IMA - Fine Dining - Large Format Supermarkets - C-store Chains (10 stores or more) - Among others – When in doubt, ask your Nestlé Waters Network Manager

  8. What You Will Need For an IMA Account Visit 3 Ways to Sign-Up for IMA #1 – Online: sellbottledwater.com/cstore #2 – Return the IMA to an NWNA authorized supplier #3 – Mail or Fax details on the IMA = Sellbottledwater.com/cstore IMA Sign-up Form

  9. What You Will Need For an IMA Account Visit IMA Selling Tool Support Website - NEW for 2014 NWNAIMA.com Support Materials • IMA Sign-up Form • IMA Sell Sheet • Training Videos • Brand Sell Sheets • Authorized Supplier List • Profit Calculators • Brand Graphics for POScreation (coming soon)

  10. 1st Plan of Attack On-the-Spot Signup for 2014 IMA Agreement Goal: Review IMA Sign-Up Form detail with account and have them participate on the spot. • NEW for 2014 • Many items are worth double and triple values. See sign-up form for details. If account doesn’t sign-up on the spot, direct them to sign-up on www.sellbottledwater.com/cstore

  11. 2nd Plan of Attack IMA Sell Sheet has Details on How to Signup On-line Front Goal: Leave-behind the IMA sell sheet if account does not sign-up for program immediately Back Displays ALL products associated with IMA Directions for how to register on www.sellbottledwater.com

  12. Support Materials Showing the Power of the Brands Includes new sheets for all brands Sell sheets are available on www.NWNAIMA.com Goal: Sell Sheets communicate why consumers choose Nestlé Waters’ brands and why they will be successful in the accounts And many more….

  13. Overcoming Objections on signing the IMA • I do not want to sign a contract.The IMA is not a binding contract. It’s an allowance of cases purchased based on payout levels. There is no obligation from you in signing the IMA. • I cannot hit the minimum volume hurdle for a payout. It’s easier than you think. The more items you carry of Nestle Waters products the better the chance of hitting the hurdle. If you purchase 20 cases of triple value credit on the IMA you will have hit the 60 cs goal. You would be better off signing the IMA than not. if you do hit the goal, you will get paid if you sign up. • Other vendors give me up front money or free goods. Our program pays for performance; it is not about locking up cooler doors with products that may not sell. You have the chance to get $890 on the IMA payout. Our brands are advertised, turn fast, and have high margins. • We do not have space for any more water or teas. We would like for you to have the best representation of the highest turning brands and profitability in your cooler doors. Think of opportunities to eliminate slow moving or duplicate items that do not sell. There are also opportunities outside the cooler door such as floor displays, racks, and end caps. • I purchase my products from a Club warehouse(Sam’s, Costco, BJ’s, etc.). I do not need your wholesaler or distributor to service my water needs. You must purchase product through an authorized supplier to get credit for the IMA. Nestle Waters can track purchases that way to enable payouts. If you take the IMA payouts in consideration you will be close on a per bottle cost as the Clubs. It will also save you time and effort to put the product in your store and supply product on a timely basis.

  14. Promote Benefits of www.sellbottledwater.com/cstore www.sellbottledwater.com/cstore is a business-to-business website which gives accounts access to business building tools Goal: Ensure accounts understand the benefits of how SBW.com can help them grow their business through IMA management and business building tools • www.sellbottledwater.com/cstore will allow your accounts to: • Register for IMA • Track their IMA performance • Volume purchased through approved suppliers • Payouts and future payout projections • Special incentives & opportunities (encourage account to give email) • Order FREE Point-of-Sale kits • Receive information on promotions Please note that Nestlé Waters North America does not sell or otherwise distribute its email lists or other information pertaining to its clients.

  15. What Retailer Should do to Have an SBW.com Account – Paper vs. On-Line Signup Did your account enroll in the IMA on-line? Congratulations, they have a secure account on www.sellbottledwater.com Did your account enroll in the IMA by signing a paper contract? If yes, they are registered for the IMA, but do not have an account on sbw.com. They will have to set up an SBW.com account separately. • Accounts receive an email and/or a mailer with an activation code 4-to-6 weeks after the paper contract is submitted to MSA. • Once they receive activations code, they are directed to go to www.sellbottledwater.com/activate to input code. • This code will transfer their store information into their sellbottledwater.com account. Now they can track their performance online. Questions or Problems? If account does not receive an activation code, email their store information to: sellbottledwater@casupport.com Enrolling on-line is easiest option for account ?

  16. Website Design Allows for Easy Navigation Enter store account (already registered) New account sign-up Enter activation code (for paper contract enrollees) Folder approach Creative not final.

  17. Once Account is Set-Up, They Have Access to Their Activity • Benefits are: • Update profile • Check status • Project full year payments

  18. Accounts Can Order Free POS for the Cold Vault Choose from multiple brand point-of-sale kits

  19. Tablet Option for 2014 New IMA Enrollments For distributors that have Tablet technology, on-the-spot registration can be done in store or at trade shows www.sellbottledwater.com/tablet Works on Ipad and Android operating systems

  20. Final Check List Have your materials ready for the call IMA Sign-up Sheet IMA Sell Sheet (to also be used if you don’t get a sign-up) Brand Sell Sheets If account agrees to sign-up on the spot Be sure to capture the following details: Physical store address & mailing address CRITICAL – account won’t receive check if mailing address is missing Capture valid email address for communications regarding their activation code, account information and promotions Signature of authorized store representative Ensure IMA is turned in properly!! Ensure form is legible Thank them for their time and business!

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