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Facts about Healthy & Active

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Facts about Healthy & Active - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Facts about Healthy & Active. It was established 6 years ago in Germany More than 800 healthcare practitioners and medical doctors are now utilizing the program More than 80,000 nutritional plans have been created Approx. 610,000 lbs lost

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facts about healthy active
Facts about Healthy & Active

It was established 6 years ago in Germany

More than 800 healthcare practitioners and medical doctors are now utilizing the program

More than 80,000 nutritional plans have been created

Approx. 610,000 lbs lost

how do we create the healthy active nutritional plan
How do we create the Healthy & Active nutritional plan?
  • In designing your personalized program we consider:
  • Your metabolism analysis (based on our Healthy & Active panel of 42 different blood tests + blood typing)
  • Your blood type: ABO
  • Your present weight and weight goal
  • Your current personal information: your state of health, medications and eating habits
  • The outcome: Your PERSONAL nutritional program to optimize YOUR unique metabolism
how do we choose your optimal foods
How do we choose your optimal foods?

Your metabolic analysis

The glycemic load of the food

Your metabolic rate

Your ABO blood type

The optimal foods for you are the foods that boost your individual metabolism based on:

the 3 phases of the healthy active program
The 3 phases of the Healthy & Active Program
  • Phase 1: The preparation phase: 2 days – eat lightly and cleanse bowels
  • Phase 2: The main phase: at least 6 weeks or until metabolism has balanced and weight goal is reached
  • Phase 3: The stabilizing phase: to maintain weight and health
the healthy and active strategy
The Healthy and Active Strategy

You must eat regularly – NO meal skipping

You must eat 3 meals per day with 4-6 hours between meals

Your final meal of the day must be no later than 3 hours before going to bed

Always begin with the protein portion of the meal – approx. 20% of the total amount of protein

No snacking between meals. Exception if absolutely necessary: Nuts with apple

You may only consume foods on your food list and you must avoid all foods that are not on your food list

Drink at least 6-8 glasses per day of herbal tea or water

Be physically active – exercise revs your metabolism – climb stairs, run from the car to your office, skip, get off the subway one stop early and walk home – just move several times a day

the 3 keys to your success

Follow the food strategy exactly

Follow your personal food list exactly

Follow the amounts and portions of fat, protein and carbohydrate exactly

The 3 Keys to Your Success
Is an easy to implement nutritional therapy –

it can be done anywhere

Is not just a new diet – it is a lifestyle to

optimize your unique metabolism

Balances your metabolism

Harmonizes your hormone system

Is the key to life-long great health & vitality

While the program is geared toward weight

loss, as a side benefit many patients also

experience relief of symptoms such as

menopausal hot flashes, prementrual syndrome

(PMS), skin rashes like eczema, headaches,

fatigue and much more

In summary Healthy & Active:

the healthy active program includes
The Healthy & Active program includes:

First visit: Health-check, blood sample taken

Metabolic analysis – 43 blood test results

Personal nutritional plan generated based on your test results

Second visit: Individual nutritional and metabolic consultation

Complete price for two visits, metabolic analysis and personalized metabolism boosting nutritional plan = $515.00* plus GST

*The fine print: If you are not a current client of Dr. Pamela Frank, you must have a full naturopathic first visit ($175 + GST) performed prior to being accepted into the Healthy & Active program

**Approximately half of the cost ($250 + GST) of the Healthy & Active program will be naturopathic doctor visit fees which are usually reimbursed by insurance companies, the remainder of the cost ($265 + GST) will be billed as a lab test which may also be covered, please check with your provider.

***Optional: Brief 15 minute follow-up visits once or twice per week are recommended for the first 4 weeks of the program to ensure your success. Cost per 15 minute visit = $35 + GST.