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Welcome to Zero Period!. Welcome to GHS!. Zero Period Fast Facts. Four zero period classes: Geometry, Latin, French and German. All zero period classes start at 7:35 AM and end at 8:25 AM. Zero Period Fast Facts.

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Zero period fast facts
Zero Period Fast Facts

  • Four zero period classes: Geometry, Latin, French and German.

  • All zero period classes start at 7:35 AM and end at 8:25 AM.

Zero period fast facts1
Zero Period Fast Facts

  • You can drop off your child in the front drive either towards the doors marked “Office” or at the rounded part of the building.

  • Students will be picked up by buses in the front drive where you drop them off. At this time we do not have the bus numbers for each school but we will have those by the time we start.

Zero period fast facts2
Zero Period Fast Facts

  • If you are worried about being able to get your student to GHS every day, try to find someone with whom you can easily carpool.

Zero period fast facts3
Zero Period Fast Facts

  • Books for zero period classes should be checked out on the student’s home campus.

  • Once they arrive back at their home campus, they should go to the place designated by the counselors—usually the library.

  • On days when we don’t meet due to scheduling issues (TAKS, half days), students will not come to GHS but will report to the designated place on their home campus at regular start time.

Zero period language teachers
Zero Period Language Teachers

  • Mr. Britain teaches German and is beginning his third year at GHS. He is in room 622.

  • Mrs. McConathy teaches Latin and has been at GHS since 1998. She is in room 213—right off the courtyard.

  • At this time, I do not know where the French zero period class will be meeting.

Contacting the teacher
Contacting the Teacher

  • The main phone number for GHS is 817-251-5210.

  • You can email any of the teachers: