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Unit1 Good Friends PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit1 Good Friends

Unit1 Good Friends

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Unit1 Good Friends

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  1. Unit1 Good Friends

  2. 教学设计 Period 1 Warming-up & Speaking Period 2 Listening & Speaking Period 3-5Reading& Integrating skills Period 6Grammar & Language study Period 7 Writing

  3. 教学目的和要求 通过学习,使学生了解友情和生存的意义。

  4. Period One speaking

  5. Self-introduction • Name: Kang Ming (Connie) • Age: 28 • Likes: singing, music, movies, reading • Dislikes: doing the housework • Personality: open-minded, modest, hard-working • Email:

  6. Introduce yourself • What’s your name? Do you have an English name? 2. Which school did you study at? 3. Do you have any hobbies? / What do you like doing in your spare time? (music, books, movies, sports, computers, etc.) 4. Which is your favorite subject? 5. Do you have anything special to say to your classmates / teacher?

  7. What should a good friend be like? happy kind funny interesting nice helpful able friends polite humorous clever bright strong honest qualitiesof a good friend

  8. Make as many sentences as you can. A good friend should be kind. A good friend should be … A good friend is someone who makes me happy. A good friend is someone who …

  9. Describe yourself in three words: I think I am _______ because I _____ ______. So when you _________, you can _________. I think I am __________ , _________ and ______________. Describe one of your friends in three words: I think he / she is _______ , _______ and ___________. I think he / she is _______ _________. Becausehe/she ….

  10. Homework • Write down the dialogues according • to the tapes (p2). • Preview Speaking and think about • how to express likes and dislikes.

  11. Period Two listening and speaking

  12. Pre-listening Did you ever argue with your friend(s)? What happened? What was the result?

  13. Listening Listen to the two friends arguing. Situation 1 Problem: Peter is often Solution: I think Peter should Situation 2 Problem: Ann usually Solution: I think Ann should Situation 3 Problem: Solution: late and this is the third time. be ontime next time. borrowed sth, without asking and doesn’t return on time. ask the owner and return on time. Adam borrowed John’s CD player and brokeit . Ask his uncle to mend it.

  14. Words to talk about likes and dislikes like : dislike: enjoy love be fond of be into …bad hate …boring/ terrible

  15. 14 15 boy boy singing rock music computers skiing reading singing football classical music dancing singing computers rock music hiking rock music football

  16. 16 14 girl boy girl surfing the Internet playing computer games rock music skiing dancing computers rock music reading football singing rock music dancing computers hiking classical music reading too much football hiking

  17. Discussion: Which of the six students do you want to make friends with? Why?

  18. Word Spelling especially handsome smart loyal hobby honest skiing 1. Our garden is beautiful, e_________ in early spring. 2. It’s very h_____ of you to tell the truth. 3. Any personal h_____ such as sports, music and collecting stamps never had a place in his life. 4. The young man has a h_________ face, but his suit is worn out. specially onest obby andsome

  19. Word Spelling especially handsome smart loyal hobby honest skiing 5. The soldiers stayed l_____ to their country. 6. S______ in winter is an enjoyable way to spend one’s weekends and holidays, and to exercise. 7. The new employee was s_____ and quick to learn. oyal kiing mart

  20. Homework: • P85 listening • p87 Ex 2 (make sentences) 3. preview “Chuck’s friend”. finish p3 pre-reading Ex

  21. Reading(I) Period Three

  22. Listen to the tape and fill in the blanks p85 1 Problem: Friends get angry with each other when they try to talk about something difficult. Solution: 2 Problem: Friends don’t know how to apologise. Solution: 3 Problem: Some friends don’t know how to keep secrets. Solution: Try to understand your friend. Try to talk about the problem in a different way. Start by talking each other that you are sorry and take it from there. A simple apology is often enough. Keep your secrets to yourself.

  23. Tom Hanks Forest Gump You’ve got mail

  24. The film Cast Away, starring Tom Hanks, describesa man’s struggle with loneliness and his journey towards self-knowledge. The film showsus how Chuck, a busy manager who never has “enough time,” ends up on an island with nothing but time. He manages to survive on the island and he realizes the importance of friends and friendship. The text describeshis experience and the lessons he learns from his unusual friend, Wilson.

  25. deserted 1. Where is the man? survive 2. Has he got a friend on the island? crash castaway 3. What happened to him? 4. How would you feel if you were alone on the island without friends? lonely sorrow feeling

  26. a knife a box of matches amirror a radio a frying pan agun a hammer a book a saw an umbrella a rope a compass

  27. Decide True or False T 1) Chuck is the only person on the island. 2) Water and food are all Chuck need on the island. 3) Chuck makes some friends there one of whom is Wilson, a volleyball. 4) Staying on the island helps Chuck realize his own shortcomings. F F T

  28. T 5)In Chuck’s opinion, people make friends to share happiness and sorrow. 6)Wilson is fond of Chuck because he is well treated by him. 7)Chuck thinks friends are teachers, for they can teach people everything. 8)Friends can be human beings, animals and even things. F F T

  29. find the topic sentence of each paragraph Para 1 ▪ Chuck’s plane lands on a deserted island. Para 2 ▪ Chuck has to learn how to survive on the island. Para 3 ▪ Chuck learns a lot about himself when he is alone on the island. Para 4 ▪ Chuck has made an unusual friend on the island.

  30. Homework • Read the text alould • Think about the following questions • ● What kind of person was Chuck Noland before the plane crash? • ● How will the experience on the island affect (影响) Chuck Noland’s personality and life?

  31. Period Four Reading (II)

  32. Para 1 ▪ Chuck’s plane lands on a deserted island. • businessman • send emails • on a flight /crash • survive

  33. Para 2 ▪ Chuck has to learn how to survive on the island. • learn … and… • challenge • in order to /develops

  34. Para 3 ▪ Chuck learns a lot about himself when he is alone on the island. • realize • learns how to… • fond of / talks / friend • need /care /understand

  35. Para 4 ▪ Chuck has made an unusual friend on the island. • humans / also • the lesson / unusual /teachers • who /why /what

  36. Discussion 2. How will the experience on the island affect (影响) Chuck Noland’s personality and life? What kind of person was Chuck Noland before the plane crash?

  37. What kind of person is Chuck ? A successful businessman Before the crash Has little time for friends The clue The most difficult challenge After the crash Learn and understand the friendship

  38. Further Discussion1. What can we do to be good friends even if we are very busy?2. Does a successful man or woman need friends? Why?3. The text talks about “giving”and “taking.” How do friends give and take?4. Is it better to have a human friend or an unusual friend such as a volleyball, a pen or a dog? Why? 

  39. Homework: Retell the text. prepare An interview. Suppose you are Chuck. You have just come back from the deserted island. You are to answer questions by reporters. (pair work) 3. P88-89 “Many Flavored Friends” finish Q1—8

  40. Period Five Reading (III)

  41. Retell the text

  42. A Face-to-face Interview • Chuck became famous after he was rescued • from the deserted island. Many people wanted • to know him. Suppose you are reporters from news agencies. Now there is a press conference • (记者招待会). Try to make a face-to-face • interview with Chuck.

  43. Tips on friendship(友谊秘诀) ♦The six most important words: “I admit I made a mistake.”            ♦The five most important words: “You did a good job.” ♦The four most important words: “What’s your opinion?” ♦The three most important words: “If you please.” ♦The two most important words: “Thank you.” ♦The one most important word: “We” ♦The least important word: “I”

  44. Homework: Review the text carefully Preview words and phrases (p1-p4) 3. Preview direct and indirect speech

  45. Period Six Grammar & Language points

  46. Find the following words in the text crash survive care share sorrow adventure deserted realize feeling hunt

  47. Word Study crash v. &n. • John crashed his car last night. • Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. • There was a serious car crash this morning.

  48. survive v. • Her parents died in the accident, but she survived. • He survived in the desert for a week on biscuits and water. • Only one baby survived the terrible earthquake.

  49. care v. & n. • When his dog died, Allan didn’t seem to care at all. • The only thing he caresabout is money. • Would you care to come to the party? • I don’t care to tell him the truth. • I don’t care for basketball. • Would you care for a cup of tea?