strategic plan for bioscrip n.
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Strategic Plan for Bioscrip

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Strategic Plan for Bioscrip - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Strategic Plan for Bioscrip. Name Institutional Affiliation. Introduction. Bioscrip is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the country. In 2005, MIM Corporation and Chronimed Inc. merged into Bioscrip .

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Strategic Plan for Bioscrip

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strategic plan for bioscrip

Strategic Plan for Bioscrip


Institutional Affiliation

  • Bioscrip is one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the country.
  • In 2005, MIM Corporation and Chronimed Inc. merged into Bioscrip.
  • The company is one of the leading home infusion providers with pharmacy and nursing capabilities nationwide. The company has been a leader in the pharmacy industry for a while now.
  • The company is intending to expend further into neighboring markets. This is to gain more market share and improve its clientele.
  • The company’s mission statement states “Better healthcare solutions. Better cost containment.” Its vision is to be the “leading provider in comprehensive, cost effective pharmaceutical and home care solutions.”
  • Its main goals is to become the best pharmaceutical company in the world.
  • The company’s value statement is to be dedicated to all the laws and regulations that are applicable in the industry. The company promotes professional behavior.
  • So far the company has managed to accomplish a lot in its life time.
  • The first accomplishment is that it has managed to be the bets pharmaceutical in the country. this is according to the current ratings
  • The second accomplishment is that it has attracted many customers. These customers come from different areas in search of their services and products.
  • Many investors have always wanted to be part of the business. This is because they believe the company is doing well enough and has a promising future.
key success areas
Key success areas
  • The management has proven to be the most successful department in the company. This is because it is responsible for coming up with strategies that have enabled the company to become the best in the industry.
  • The sales department is also doing its work very well. It has managed to sell as many products as possible. Many customers are always recorded in the company.. The department has ensured that it has retained its customers a swell as attracting new customers.
  • This is an assurance to al investors that the company has able department that can ensure that the company is a success.
environmental analysis
Environmental analysis
  • The external and internal environment determines the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT Analysis) of the company.
  • Externally the environment analysis is on opportunities and threats. These two factors affect the organization externally.
  • These two factors affect the company form the company. The management has been bale to identify the opportunities and threats. They are trying their best to address the threats and take advantage of the opportunities.

Internally the company is analyzed by strength and weaknesses. The main source of this is records. They will be able to tell where the company is performing to its best.

  • Once they are identified, it will be easy to stream line them with the goals. The balanced scorecard can be used as a source for analyzing the internal environment .
  • The internal environment is the main focus by the management. It wants to make sure that the internal strengths out do all the companies
  • There are many options that the company has for expansion of the company.
  • The best out of all strategies is to venture in new markets.
  • The company wills also open doors for potential investors who would wish to invest in the business in future.
  • The analysis of the company it is evident that the company is doing a great job in the pharmaceutical industry

To the investors in this room, as you can see his company has strategic goals and plans for the future.

  • From their previous performances, the company has been performing real well. It ahs been increasing its profits year after year. This shows that once you invest your money in this company, there is a guarantee that it is a worthwhile investment.
  • If all of you can invest in this company, we are all going to help it grow. We will be the same people to celebrate its success.
  • Once the investors have agreed to invest their capital in the business, implementation of the main plan which is expansion to new markets will begin.
  • There are better markets in the pharmaceutical industry which the business wishes to venture in.
  • There are various plans that the company has but this is the main plan. Other plans will follow after the implementation of this main plan.
  • The other plans include attraction of many customers and increase in the number of services and products offered.
  • All inventors in this room should support Bioscrip in implementing this plans. You should help us raise enough capital required for this task.
  • Bioscrip promises that it will not let you down. All your investments will bear fruit. This is because we believe in ourselves and in improvement. Once we have new markets, our client base will increase which means there will be an increase in profits. This a way that we can give back to you and also show some gratitude.
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