political parties in u s n.
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Political Parties in U.S.

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Political Parties in U.S. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Political Parties in U.S. Chapter 7. “If I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all”. Thomas Jefferson. Political Parties. What are political parties?. Functions of Political Parties in the U.S. Recruiting candidates - challenge incumbents

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political parties
Political Parties
  • What are political parties?
functions of political parties in the u s
Functions of Political Parties in the U.S.
  • Recruiting candidates

- challenge incumbents

  • Organizing elections

- voter drives

  • Present alternative policies
  • Concentrate on winning elections
  • Carrying out policies
2 major u s parties today
Two- Party System

Most politicians are either democrats or republicans

Democratic & Republican supporters

2 major U.S. Parties Today
the three faces of party
The Three Faces of Party
  • party-in-the-electorate:

- loyalty/ emotional tie

  • party organization:

- recruit, identify, & organize

  • party-in-government: gov’t officials who identify with a political party
economic belief of parties
Economic belief of parties
  • Democrats

- gov’t assistance

- programs & taxes

- “big gov’t”

  • Republicans

- limited gov’t

- less emphasis on programs

- tax breaks

Third Party candidate
  • Independent candidate

- does not identify with a political party

role of third or minor parties in u s
Role of third or minor parties in U.S.

Why do we have 3rd parties?

  • Dissatisfied / split-off
  • Particular leader or message
  • Media coverage / candidate
third parties
Third Parties
  • 3rd parties can make a difference in an election
  • Roosevelt’s Progressive Party (28% in 1912)
  • Perot- Independent Party (19% 1992)
  • Nadar- Green Party (2.8 million votes in 2000)
  • Do third parties ever win?
why are political parties important
Why are political parties important?
  • “The party in power ends up with most of the important leadership positions in Congress. Therefore, a political party’s electoral success may lead to new laws and regulations that affect your daily life. You may pay higher or lower taxes, face greater or fewer employment opportunities, or experience changes in the social environment around you- all depending on which political party prevailed in the last election.” – Political Scientist Barbara A. Bardes