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China Certifications (CCC/SRRC/MII) PowerPoint Presentation
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China Certifications (CCC/SRRC/MII)

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China Certifications (CCC/SRRC/MII) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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China Certifications (CCC/SRRC/MII). CCC – Safety and EMC/EMI SRRC – Wireless MII - Telecom. China Certification Instruction. CCC CQC MII SRRC ID Number. China Certification-CCC. General CCC Information: CCC: China Compulsory Certification Only can be tested in China mainland

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Presentation Transcript

China Certifications (CCC/SRRC/MII)

CCC – Safety and EMC/EMI

SRRC – Wireless

MII - Telecom


China Certification Instruction




SRRC ID Number


China Certification-CCC

  • General CCC Information:
  • CCC: China Compulsory Certification
  • Only can be tested in China mainland
  • Testing scope includes safety and EMC/EMI
  • Need factory inspection
  • 5 years expiration
  • Mandatory for over 135 products
  • Accept CB for safety part

China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

1. Registration and application

2. Type test

3. Issue report

4. CCC mark approval

5. Initial factory inspection

6. Issue CCC certificate

7. Annual factory inspection


China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

1. Registration and application required information:

a. Applicant name and address

b. Manufacturer name and address

c. Factory name and address

d. Main contact person

e. Telephone/Fax/E-mail

f. Product name/model and specification

g. CB certificate and Report (w/Chinese deviation)

h. Specify exact number of models/OEM/ODM


China Certification-CCC

  • Note:
  • 1. Normal mode:
  • Applicant/manufacturer/factory are the same
  • 2. OEM mode:
  • Factory can produce according to manufacturer’s
  • design and use different applicant/manufacturer’s
  • trade mark or model number.
  • ODM mode: ODM factory designs and produces for
  • one or more manufacturers

China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

2. Type test - required materials:

a. 2 complete working samples

b. GB9254 announcement for

highest frequency (ITE/AV)

c. Quick guide manual/User manual

d. Schematics

e. Component Information

f. CB report and certification if applicable


China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

3. Issue report - Required materials:

a. Nameplate label and warning marking in Chinese

b. Label wipe announcement

c. Model difference announcement

d. Component CCC or CQC certificate if applicable

e. Whether sell power cord together with the product

f. OEM/ODM agreement if the manufacturer and factory are not the same entity.

g. Business license

h. Trade mark registration approval

(For ODM factory, need trade mark use authorization file)


China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

4. CCC Mark approval

Required materials:

a. Label process: printed/pressed molded/screen

printed/painted/ etched/ carved/ stamped/ sealed

b. Label position: name plate/ body/ packing

c. Amount of Labels used each year.

d. Drawing For CCC Mark (Including the size of CCC


e. Color of CCC mark

f. Long diameter of CCC mark outer ring

g. Submit overall CCC label Drawing


China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

4. CCC Mark approval


China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

5. Initial factory inspection

Required information:

a. Factory information

b. Quality assurance system management documents

c. Production process

d. Test Equipment


China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

6. Issue CCC certificate


a. Product pass type test

b. factory pass Initial factory


c. Payment is clear


China Certification-CCC

CCC process:

7. Annual factory inspection

In order to keep the validity

of CCC mark, the factory

need to be audited annually

during the expiration period

(5 years)


China Certification-CCC

  • Key points:
  • Critical components within CCC category must be CCC approved. Power supply for PC or server must
  • be CCC approved
  • Component list must be specific, “various” is not
  • acceptable
  • Product without CB report need additional test, like
  • flammability test for boards and
  • plastic materials, battery protection
  • test, etc.

China Certification-CQC

  • CQC General:
  • CQC-China Quality Certification
  • Voluntary certification
  • More than 500 products
  • Test in China qualified labs
  • Including safety, EMC, energy saving and
  • functional evaluation, etc.
  • Annually factory inspection
  • Components with CQC mark can be
  • accepted by CCC
  • Certification process is similar to CCC

China Certification-CQC

CQC General:

General certification

High definition certification for A/V

Energy saving certification

Golden solar certification


China Certification-SRRC

  • SRRC general:
  • SRRC: State Radio Regulatory Commission
  • Only can be tested in China mainland
  • Each model should apply for the cert
  • No factory inspection
  • 1 to 5 years expiration, can apply to renew
  • Mandatory for products with radio functions (WiFi, GSM, CDMA, etc.)

China Certification-SRRC


State Radio Monitoring Center (“SRMC”) currently is the main authorized testing and certification institute for radio type approval in Mainland China.

At present, China has set the special frequency range in relation to the different types of radio transmitting equipment, and not all the frequencies are legally use in China.


China Certification-SRRC


Furthermore, applicants should pay attention to certain provisions of the radio transmitting equipment, some equipments are subject to "Radio Type Approval Certification" as well as China Compulsory Certification (CCC) and / or Telecommunications Equipment Network Access License (MII Certification).


China Certification-SRRC


Under  this  provisions, radio transmission equipment is defined as all types of equipments for radio communication, navigation, location, direction-finding, radar, remote control, telemetry, broadcasting and television that transmit radio wave, but not including industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipments, electric transport system, high-voltage power line and other electrical appliances that radiate electromagnetic wave.


China Certification-SRRC

SRRC process:

1. Application for type approval

2. Examine and test

3. Issue SRRC certificate and ID


China Certification-SRRC

SRRC process:

1. Application & documents to be submitted:

a. Applicant name/address/contact information

b. Equipment name/ model/ trade mark

c. Modulation mode

d. Main functions

e. Frequency range

f. Occupied bandwidth

g. Transmitting power


China Certification-SRRC

SRRC process:

2. Examine and test:

a. 3-5 samples are needed for each model

b. RF cable (with loss)

c. Antenna gain explanation

d. Circuit diagram

e. Test explanation

f. User manual

g. Label layout

e. Product type and full company name


China Certification-SRRC

SRRC process:

3. Issue SRRC certificate and ID:

a. Pass the examine and test

b. Applicant’s business license

c. Company introduction

d. Payment cleared


China Certification-SRRC

SRRC process:

3. Issue SRRC certificate and ID:


China Certification-SRRC

  • Key points:
  • Equipment with antenna must use non-standard
  • terminals for the antenna
  • standard SMA or N-type is not acceptable
  • R-SMA is a good choice
  • 2. For WiFi device with VOIP function should
  • get WAPI (Wireless LAN Authentication and
  • Privacy Infrastructure) first

China Certification-MII


MII-Ministry of Information Industry

The Information Industrial Department formulated "Telecommunication equipment To enter Net Policing method", had stipulated explicitly “national implement type approve system for telecom terminal device、radio communication equipment and relate to internet devices which enter to public telecom net ”.


China Certification-MII

  • General:
  • Mandatory for telecommunication devices
  • Three types of product:
  • communication terminal product
  • radio communication product
  • network inter-connection product
  • Test including electrical safety, functionality,
  • protocol, information security, performance, etc.

China Certification-MII

Certification sample:

Network Access

License for




China Certification-MII

  • Key points:
  • Require WAPI for WiFi devices
  • Some types of product can not have WiFi
  • function, like wireless router
  • Application for renew the certification should
  • be 3 months before the expiration date

China Certification


By Paul Wang

G&M China – Engineering Manager