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Agenda. Ongoing work Special Topic : MAD-X for Non-LHC Applications AOB. On-going Work I. Core program Problem of reporting proper location of freshly and correctly installed elements (courtesy HG)

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  • Ongoing work

  • Special Topic: MAD-X for Non-LHC Applications

  • AOB

MADX monthly meeting

On going work i
On-going Work I

  • Core program

    • Problem of reporting proper location of freshly and correctly installed elements (courtesy HG)

    • Very serious core bug! In very complicated seqedit structures installing elements  Crash due to incomplete code (courtesy HG)

    • 10’000 character limit in macros  Crash (courtesy HG)

    • Werner’s improved readtable

    • Further work on clean-up compiler warnings (FS)

MADX monthly meeting

On going work ii
On-going Work II

  • Makefile maintenance(on MAC etc) (FS)

  • Dynap module (FZ)

    • Second particle not tracked for Lyapunov

    • Improved Chaos detection

    • Bug introduced and fixed

  • Emit Module

    • Unintialized variable (FS)

    • Bug found by Rogelio  Fix delayed by 6 months

MADX monthly meeting

On going work iii
On-going Work III

  • Plot

    • “no haxis” bug introduced in clean-up (FS)

    • Flushing missing fixed Linux & Windows (Riccardo)

    • Ps file for tracking (Riccardo)

  • Gxx11 (subtle C problem courtesy HG)

  • Tedious Review of coordinate system for the track module (AK, AV, FS)

  • PAC05 Contribution all MAD-X publications onWeb

  • MAD8 to MAD-X conversion hints on the Web

MADX monthly meeting

Special topic mad x for non lhc applications
Special Topic:MAD-X for Non-LHC Applications

  • MAD8 is dead!

  • MAD-X has taken over for the LHC

  • PTC is our upgrade path and it is ideal for transfer lines and small machines. Etienne helps day & night!

  • Advantages: better physics models, Normal Form and parameter dependence, acceleration is integral part…

  • Docu will come after PTC match and ptc_track work

  • But: active participation is needed!!

MADX monthly meeting

What can be expected
What can be expected

  • Solid core in C (mind you, 1 major bug per month!). Core is rather complex

  • One custodian and a team of module keepers

  • New modules (C or FORTRAN) can easily be added

  • Most MAD8 features have been ported to MAD-X (exceptions see below)

  • PTC is upgrade path  fix deficiencies of MAD-X

  • but modules using PTC have to be written by us!!

MADX monthly meeting

Missing features in mad x
Missing features in MAD-X

  • All the following items are due to early MAD-X design decisions!

  • Thick lens tracking since not symplectic PTC_track

  • LieAlgebra (Dynamic, Static) and Harmon Module PTC NormalForm

  • Acceleration (doubtful coding!)

    • Proper Coding in MAD-X (needs a volunteer!)

    • PTC

  • MAD-X is stricter!! No negative driftlengths allowed!

MADX monthly meeting

What is different to mad8
What is different to MAD8

  • All the MAD-X team including the custodian will be busy with LHC commissioning. PTC modules will have precedence

  • Module keeper succession is a continuous struggle (plot, matching!!!)

  • It is not realistic to come with a long “shopping list” of improvement requests and in particular concerning the core

  • The MAD-X framework is sound and it is supported. Moreover, it has in PTC a very powerful extension path

  • BUT, for anything beyond the direct needs of the LHC active participation in form of offering module keepers is mandatory

  • Moreover, there is no dedicated developer (C & Fortran) like we had with Eric d’Amico! (There will be a 6 month Asian fellow on PTC issues)

MADX monthly meeting


  • The modified “mad” script:

    • “mad” invokes MAD-X

    • “mad –new” invokes MAD8

  • The “-new” flag is misleading. Shall I change that to

  • “-mad8”???

MADX monthly meeting