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Buteyko Method: Natural Asthma Cure and More PowerPoint Presentation
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Buteyko Method: Natural Asthma Cure and More

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Buteyko Method: Natural Asthma Cure and More
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Buteyko Method: Natural Asthma Cure and More

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  1. Konstantin ButeykoRussian Medical Doctor and Scientist In 1952, he made a discovery: one of the most revolutionary in the medical field. Ironically, his work was never fully accepted by his colleagues, however, his method spread out as a grassroots movement, curing people all over the world.

  2. Buteyko Method: Natural Asthma Cure and More Buteyko Center USA offers educational and wellness programs on the Buteyko Breathing Method. The Method helps in overcoming various illnesses, especially asthma, COPD, allergies, stuffy nose and other breathing difficulties, anxiety, depression, skin problems, issues with metabolism and the immune system as well as many other diseases. This method is a powerful tool in creating general health.

  3. Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen,M.S.; C.A.S.E.(Johns Hopkins University) Many doctors told him that his asthma is incurable and that he has to take medication for the rest of his life. After applying Buteyko breathing exercises, Thomas cured himself of his breathing difficulties. Now, he teaches adults and children about Buteyko breathing  and the Buteyko lifestyle for health and longevity. Learn the Buteyko Method online or in Woodstock, New York!

  4. Learn the Patented Buteyko Method: We offer wellness programs and educational courses for individuals and their families as well as group workshops. During these programs you will learn the theory of the patented Buteyko Method and its application in your daily life.You will receive all necessary knowledge to regain or improve your health and life! During the consultation, the teacher will also briefly explain the theory of the Method and introduce Buteyko breathing exercises. Furthermore, this consultation will give the student an opportunity to ask questions. From the information gathered during this session, the Buteyko Specialist will create an individualized program for each client. Normally, it includes our main course Buteyko Method and Lifestyle .

  5. We offer consultations and courses online and in Woodstock, NY:Online: This way, clients and members of their families can learn without leaving their homes.  To participate in these courses, simply download an easy and free program, which allows teacher and students to hear and see each other. A computer with a video camera, microphone and Internet access are required.Woodstock is often called "the most famous small town in the world." It is a unique, beautiful and relaxing place that attracts tourists from all over the world. It is approximately a two hours drive from New York City.

  6. Unique selling points1. The patented Buteyko Method is the only method, which cures asthma, COPD and breathing difficulties. Nothing else cures! 2. Buteyko Center USA is the only official representation for the patent holders of the Buteyko Method in the Western Hemisphere. 3. We work with people all over the world online or in our office in Woodstock, New York. 4. Licenced Buteyko Method specialists work for Buteyko Center USA only.

  7. Contact usButeyko Center USAToll Free: 888.312.6194 or 845.679.4219E-Mail: info@buteykocenterusa.comP.O. Box 576Woodstock, NY 12498-0576Address for consultations in person:12 Sully's LaneWoodstock, NY 12498

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