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The Wave

The Wave. Worldwide chain of synchronized meditation Guided Meditation for Beginners. Translated by Michelle W. WWW.GALAXIO.COM. Before beginning. Make sure it’s the right time

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The Wave

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  1. The Wave Worldwide chain of synchronized meditationGuided Meditation for Beginners Translated by Michelle W. WWW.GALAXIO.COM

  2. Before beginning Make sure it’s the right time The global wave is a virtual meeting of people from all over the world, at the same times: 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, and 18:00 GMT-UTC. In each country this schedule may be different. Always try to start on time. If you are not familiar with the meditation times in your country, visit this page: http://www.galaxio.com/spanish/yoga/onda/hora_gmt.asp Find an appropriate place Where you will not be bothered during your meditation (20-30 min.) Some woods or any other natural area is a perfect place. If we are in the city, a quiet room, with plants and a view to the outside is very good. Try to always meditate in the same place, as this practice generates an energy field that becomes stronger with time. While you learn, sit in front of the computer in order to follow the instructions. Do you want to do this?It’s important that this activity comes about as a necessity. At the beginning, as we do not yet know it’s benefits, it may be hard for us to want to sit in silence, but later, once we have observed it’s many effects, the desire will be there, spontaneously.

  3. Guided Meditation From now on, this presentation will guide you in a 20 minute session of Global Meditation, automatically marking the time allotments. Each time you hear the sound, read the instructions. If you want to read the rest without waiting for the time to pass, click once.

  4. Position Get in a comfortable position, with your spine straight (important). You can be sitting on a chair or on the floor. Free yourself of any uncomfortable clothing (tight belts, uncomfortable shoes, etc.) Relax your body. To straighten your back, stretch upwards, as if you wanted to touch the ceiling with your head. Let your chest come out naturally and raise your chin a little. Close your eyes.

  5. Awareness of the World Become aware of the state of the world. Feel the energy that dominates in the world. That is what we are going to change. This will last one minute.

  6. Awareness of Nature This world is extremely beautiful.Let's become aware of the Great Spirits of the Jungles, Lakes, Mountains, Deserts, and Seas. Let's try to feel them. This will last one minute.

  7. Awareness of the Group Right now, in other parts of the world, there are other people doing the same thing you are. Try to feel them, as if they were seated near us but without us seeing them. This will last one minute.

  8. Awareness of oneself:THE BODY Observe your body: position, breathing, heartbeat... register everything your body feels, including the sensations of weight, temperature, and your internal organs. Consider your body as a unified whole. This will last two minutes.

  9. Awareness of oneself:EMOTIONS Observe your emotions: they are felt in the abdomen, chest, and neck. Perceive them with impartiality, don't identify yourself with them, as if you were looking at them in another person. Let your emotions be there, don't repress them, don't intensify them, don't name them.Just observe them. This will last two minutes.

  10. Awareness of oneself:THOUGHTS Observe your thoughts: are your thoughts clear or confused? Are your thoughts moving quickly or slowly? Watch the flow of your thoughts as if it were the flow of a river. Don't intervene or repress any thought, just watch them arise, flourish, and die, as if this were happening in some other person. This will last two minutes.

  11. Awareness of oneself:THE WHOLE Observe your entire being as a unified whole: everything you have felt from your body, emotions, and thoughts are now seen as part of an indivisible whole.. This will last two minutes.

  12. Be in Silence You are now integrally conscious of your interior and exterior. Remain this way, feeling everything: the body's sensations, emotions, and thoughts, and in the same way your immediate environment, the worldwide group of meditators and Nature.Let your attention flow freely and increase the quietness and relaxation of your being. If at some point you feel a state of unity and intensity, remain in peace with that sensation and don't do anything else. This will last nine minutes.

  13. Culmination of the Global Wave of Meditation If your meditation was correct, you will feel a change of your internal state and your environment: everything will seem more peaceful, lighter, and vibrant. The air will be cleaner and more transparent, and you will feel the sensation that your space has expanded. If this occurs, you know that you have produced an energy transmutation and that this transmutation does not only benefit you and your immediate surroundings, but also all the beings of the Earth, the Sea, and the Sky, and also pleases the Gods of Nature. There is nothing better that we can do to help eradicate humanity's pain. If you don't feel any of this, don't worry, you will. Meditation is a difficult art and is never the same from one time to the next. Sooner or later you will successfully transmutate your energy; persist.

  14. Thank you for participating. If you would like more information, visit the official site of the Global Wave of Meditation: http://www.galaxio.com/spanish/yoga/onda/

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