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Wheelchairs And Vans PowerPoint Presentation
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Wheelchairs And Vans

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Wheelchairs And Vans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wheelchairs And Vans

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  1. Blog: WHEELCHAIRS AND VANS Twenty five years ago, a new revolution came into the world of mobility for handicapped people, and that was handicap vans. These are the vans that have been customized to be fit for used by the physically challenged people. Many handicap vans in New York are available based on your needs of size, entry and price. The handicap van classification based on entry options are the rear entry and the side entry. In the vans with an option for side entry, the door is modified in a way so as to allow easy access. It is usually used for the people who need to drive on their own.The rear-entry van is used when the handicapped person is just a passenger. There are also climbing options available in the van. First, there is the ramp option in which a foldable ramp is available which extends when the door opens. Second option is platform lift option where the platform can rise and lower from inside the vehicle. It is always preferable to buy a wheelchair in combination with a handicap vehicle. Wheelchairs can provide direct entry of the person without the help of other people. For permanently physically challenged people, life is made easier because of this. There are many New York wheelchair van rentals available, which are perfect for the traveling needs of handicapped people in a busy place like New York. The option of wheelchair van incorporates wheelchairs in such a way that they act as a seat for driving. The seat can be lowered or raised too in such vans.