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  1. Wheelchairs

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  3. Wheelchair ramps are inclined planes which allow wheeled equipments to be transported between different heights. Though initially built for wheelchairs' use, people with strollers, trolleys and carts can also make use of these wheelchair ramps. The multiple benefits of having a wheelchair ramp has made it a common sight inside publicly accessible buildings such as shopping malls and government agencies.In fact, some countries such as America has passed an act that dictates every building should be accessible by wheelchair users. Therefore, most buildings will choose a multipurpose wheelchair ramp over wheelchair lifts.Most buildings will choose to have the permanent wheelchair ramp installed, this is done by bolting the ramp's handrail to the ground or cementing the whole structure to the ground. Permanent wheelchair ramps are for buildings which are have already identified the access point for the wheelchair users. Ramps are adjusted differently depending on vertical distance it needs to clear. If the stairs were to have a few steps only, a straight gently inclined wheelchair will be suitable. However, if the stairs are steep, a snaking wheelchair ramp will be more suitable as it will be unsightly to see a wheelchair ramp stretching all the way out to the main road outside the building. Moreover, the wheelchair ramp must adhere to international standards in terms of its steepness. It must not be steeper than 1 inch for 12 inches of distance. A gentle sloped wheelchair ramp is definitely the safest way for a wheelchair to ascend.

  4. Features of this standard size wheelchair:  • With solid rubber spoke wheels, does not become flat • Folding for convenient storage • With padded armrests, leg support and aluminum foot plates • Chrome-plated frame • Available in canvas cloth upholstery seat and backrest for added comfort, free ventilation • Also available in blue/black leatherette upholstery for easy and hassle-free cleaning • Net weight of 19kg • 19" width of seat • Has a weight capacity of 200 pounds or 90 kilograms • Brand new! • made in China

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