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Major areas of intervention PowerPoint Presentation
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Major areas of intervention

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Major areas of intervention - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Major areas of intervention
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  1. Tanzanian German Programme To Support HealthHEALTH FINANCING COMPONENT Challenges for phase III of the TGPSH

  2. Major areas of intervention • Enabling the dialogue on Health Financing • Supporting the process of policy making: preparing for a health financing strategy • Creating competence in SHI • Strengthening fin. management in health

  3. Problems • Weak target oriented budgeting • Insufficient functioning of HF-Committee • No overall national regulatory framework for HI • Weak CHF management & enrollment • Inefficient financial management in health

  4. CHALLENGING AREAS OF INTERVENTION 1. Overall interventionSupport to MOHSW in strengthening its HF strategy according to HSSP III2. Macro economic aspectsAssistance to MOHSW in health related macro-economic aspects (target oriented budgeting, MTEF, PER etc)

  5. 3. Social Health InsuranceSupport to MOHSW towards developing a universal SHI system (incremental assistance) Continued assistance to the process of elaborating a national regulatory framework for health insuranceSupport to the establishment of a national competence unit for SHI matters (focus on CHF) Strengthening the NHIF within the RH & HIV/AIDS funded KfW intervention

  6. 3. Social Health Insurance(2) Further strengthening of CHF as major pillar in the HI arena:- group enrolment for workers in the informal sector and for social groups - increased application of PPP modality - making use of micro financing system- strengthening management systems - linking CHFs to NHIF- increasing collaboration with others partners(TNCHF, SDC, AKAM, CIDR, ITM, IFM, FBOs etc)

  7. 4. Pro poor financingApplication of innovative health financing mechanisms for protection of the poor - insuring the poor via CHF cards - implementing KfW funded assistance targeting poor pregnant women - assisting in designing respective equity financing mechanism

  8. 5. Financial Management in Health (FMH)Further support to strengthening FMH at district and provider levelIncreased support to systems building in FMH for FBOs (CSSC service unit, costing, computerization etc)Improving claiming/reimbursement/use of funds from HIs

  9. Questions • What are possible synergies between HF and other component? • What are methods and tools to make these synergies effective?