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Welcome the presence instruction ! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome the presence instruction !

Welcome the presence instruction !

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Welcome the presence instruction !

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  1. Welcome the presence instruction !

  2. 初中英语冀教版 8年级第1学期 Unit 6 I Love Learning English

  3. Unit 6 I Love Learning English Lesson 45 Keep Trying

  4. Please listen to th Please listen to this English English song. Please listen to this English song. Please listen to this English song. Please listen to this English song <hand in hand> Please press the lefe key again! Please wait …

  5. Let’s do hand in hand, work together. OK?

  6. 3.Why don’t you understand English? 1. I looked, we or bid good-bye! 2.But why? You have really not liked me? 4.I…

  7. Some infermation about learning English: ⒈ There are five conutries speaking English in the world. ⒉ Three quarters of books and newspapers are written in English in the world. ⒊ English is one of the main languages at the United Nations.

  8. ⒋ In the world half of telephone calls are made in English. ⒌ More than 450 millon people can speak English in the world. ⒍ There are a lot of jobs need English in the world. Such as translator,computer programmer … …

  9. The ways to learn English ⑴ Don’t be shy. ⑵ Speaking English as much as possible everyday. ⑶ Reading more English stories and English news. ⑷ Listening to more English news and tapes. ⑸ Keep trying/Never stop trying/Never give up. ⑹ Don’t be afraid of mistakes.

  10. The new words: Terase 特里萨﹙人名﹚ Hong Kong 香港 Martin 马丁 ﹙姓﹚ ago adv. 以前 pronouncev.发……的音 story n.故事 technique n.技巧

  11. Learning new words: 1. ago:副词,以前。通常是“时间段 +ago”用于一般过去时。 li Ming went to Beijing two days ago. 2. pronounce:动词,发……的音。后面跟名词。 When you can’t pronounce a new word, you should listen to the tape. 3. story:名词,故事。其复数形式是变 y 为 i+es;常用词组如 tell a story 。 My mother told me a story last night .

  12. Read and find • two years ago • teach sb. sth. teach sth. to sb. • help … ﹙to﹚do / with • how to do sth. • look up … in the dictionary • stop doing sth. stop to do sth.

  13. Explain the language points: • two years ago: 时间段+ ago 意思是 ……以前,用于一般过去时。如: Mr. Wang moved to Shanghai two years ago. • teach sb. sth.= taech sth. to sb. teach之后可以跟双宾语, sb.是间接宾语; sth.是直接宾语。使用时可以用teach+间接宾语﹙sb.﹚+ 直接宾语﹙sth.﹚ ;也可以用teach +直接宾语﹙sth.﹚+ to 间接宾语﹙sb.﹚。 如:

  14. Miss Zhang teaches us English.=Miss Zhang teaches English to us. 3. help … ﹙to﹚do / with help之后可以跟动词不定式;也可以跟 动词原形, 意思一样。 还可以跟 with +名词 结构。 I often help my mother ﹙to﹚do housework. I often help my mother with housework.

  15. 4. how to do sth. 是 疑问词﹙how/what/when…﹚+ 不定式 结构, 和句子前面部分构成一个简单句。如: I don’t know how to read this word. 5. look up …in the dictionary 意思是在字典中查找……。look up 之后如果跟代词,要把代词放在look up之间;look up之后如果跟名词,把名词放在look up中间或后面都可以。 如: If you don’t understand a new word, you should look it up

  16. in the dictionary. I am looking up a new word. 6. stop to do sth./doing sth. stop之后可以跟动词不定式短语,也可以跟动名词短语。stop to do sth.意思是停下来做某事; stop doing sth是停止正在做的事。 It’s time for bed. Stop watching TV, Tom. I find a book on the ground, I stop to pick it up.

  17. Ask and answer 1.If you move to Canada,what difficulties will you meet? I can’t understand Canadina. 2.When did Terase come to Canada? Two years ago. 3.Which language does her friend speak? English.

  18. 4. When she doesn’t understand a word, what will she do? She looks it up in the dictionary. 5. What is her favourite way to learn English? Watching TV and moves. 6. Do you think which way is the best for you? Keeping trying/ Never give up.

  19. Exercise 1 A • My uncle ___ to Guangzhou 5 years ago. A.went B.goes C.going go • She was too tired. She stopped ___ . A. have a rest B. to have a rest C. having a rest D. has a rest B

  20. C 4.He often helps me ___ my homework. A. to doing B. doing C. to do D. Does 5.My favourite way ___ English is listening English songs. A. learning B. to learning C. learnt learn D

  21. Exercise 2 English is spoken as the first language by most people in the U.S.,Britain, C_______,and Australia. But it is also used very widely a__ a foreign language in many other countries in the world. If you trav –le in India, or France, or Germa -ny, or a ___ other countries in the world, you will s___ be able to use English. anada s ny till

  22. It is used by travelers and busi -ness people a______ the world. That is w___ we are learning English in China. It is o___ of the world’s most important languages s__ it is wide -ly used. If you learn some English , you will find it u______ after you leave school. English will open a d____ to the world. round hy ne o seful oor

  23. project Write a passage about how to learn English well. You may begin like this:

  24. Goodbye!