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Avoiding Fires During Peak Grill Season

Without security in Vancouver keeping watch over the home and yard, families could lose their properties and more because of a grill fire.

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Avoiding Fires During Peak Grill Season

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  1. Avoiding Fires During Peak Grill Season

  2. Precaution on Outdoor Grills • With the onset of summer, many families look forward to hosting barbecues and cooking outdoors. While these cookouts can be a great way for families and friends to catch up over the summer, they can also bring disaster to a family’s home if people do not practice fire safety. Many people take cooking over an open fire for granted. Their focus often is more on preparing the food and having fun with loved ones than on watching the flames. However, inattentiveness to open flames can cause fires to erupt at a moment’s notice. While spending time with loved ones and enjoying the outdoors can be distracting, people are encouraged to take every precaution to avoid fires while cooking on outdoor grills.

  3. Important Tips • People can heed several important steps while planning and enjoying a barbecue. The first thing that safety experts recommend would be for all families to have a fire extinguisher on hand. This device should be kept nearby while a person is cooking over open flames. If grease splatters into the fire or flames begin to grow because of windy conditions, an extinguisher can quickly put out the fire before it spreads.

  4. Likewise, cooks should keep baking soda or white flour on hand while they cook outside. Some people make the mistake of pouring water over fires in an attempt to halt the spread of flames. However, water proves to be ineffective against fires that are started by grease spills or splatters. Because it can be difficult to cover up the grill to stop the fire’s spread, people can quickly eliminate the flames by putting flour or baking soda over the grill. After the meal is prepared and people sit down to dinner, they may not notice smoldering embers in the grill or fire pit. While it is common to smell smoke after the flames die down, you may dismiss smoldering embers as lingering smoke from the grill. If you eat outdoors, you could catch any flames that happen to grow because of the live embers. However, if you go inside or relocate to another area, you may not notice the fire’s rebirth. 

  5. Honeywell & Burglar Stop • Rather than be caught unaware by such circumstances, families can be protected by utilizing the services of a Honeywell provider. A company Burglar Stop Security Systems can monitor both the inside and outside of a home to ensure that no danger from fire exists. Companies that provide security in Vancouver detect smoke or fire through Honeywell alarm systems can notify firefighters, so the family can be alerted to the danger. Without security in Vancouver keeping watch over the home and yard, families could lose their properties and more because of a grill fire. 

  6. Protect your Home • Another danger from cooking on grills includes embers shooting from the fire and landing on top of houses. This danger poses not only a threat to the cook’s family and house; it also poses a danger to neighboring houses. Residents who use companies that provide security in Vancouver can be protected during their neighbors’ cookouts. Keeping an eye on every house in the neighborhood is impossible. Rather than fear the worst when neighbors cook out in the summer, contact Burglar Stop today and find out how we can help protect your home.

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