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Generations at Work

Generations at Work. Presented by Debbie Ladehoff Training & Development Coordinator. What’s the big deal?. Objectives. Identify what influenced each generation Describe the attributes each brings to the workplace Provide tips for motivating, rewarding and leading each generation.

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Generations at Work

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  1. Generations at Work Presented by Debbie Ladehoff Training & Development Coordinator

  2. What’s the big deal?

  3. Objectives • Identify what influenced each generation • Describe the attributes each brings to the workplace • Provide tips for motivating, rewarding and leading each generation

  4. Seek first to understand; then to be understood. Stephen R. Covey

  5. Meet the Traditionalists Born before 1945

  6. Characteristics of Traditionalists • Dedicated and hard working • Loyal to the company • Honorable • Conformity • Respect for authority • Willing to sacrifice • Delayed gratification (duty before pleasure)

  7. Traditionalists may be perceived as: • Too rigid • “Old school” • Unwilling to “share the power” • Too corporate • Not open to different approaches • Technically inept

  8. Meet the Baby Boomers Born about 1945 - 1960

  9. Characteristics of the Boomers • Workaholic • Love/Hate Authority • Team Players • Like Consensus & Shared Leadership • Idealistic & Optimistic • Expected Lifetime Employment

  10. Boomers may be perceived as: • Taking others for granted • Interested in process rather than results • Overly ambitious • Saying one thing and doing another • Rigid • Too serious • Too wrapped up in their job • Having trouble making unpopular decisions

  11. Meet Gen XBorn about 1960 - 1982

  12. Gen X Characteristics • MTV Generation • Independent • Results Oriented • Skeptics • Seek Life/Work Balance

  13. Gen X may be perceived as: • Disloyal • Impolite or disrespectful • Too casual • Not taking their job seriously • Not a team player • Cynical • Having unrealistically high standards

  14. Meet the MillennialsBorn about 1982 - 2001

  15. Characteristics of Millennials • Techno-savvy • Multitasking • Connected, Confident, Career-minded • High Expectations for Success • Seek Work/Life Balance • Want Fun at Work • Enjoy a Team Environment

  16. Millennials may be perceived as: • Not knowledgeable about history and tradition • Egotistical or overconfident • Inexperienced • Impatient • Overly competitive • Overly optimistic • Unfocused

  17. “Each generation goes further than the generation proceeding it because it stands on the shoulders of that generation.” Ronald Reagan

  18. They prefer a manager who is: Directive Logical Fair & Consistent Respectful Identifies a clear direction Sets long-term goals Spells out clear job expectations They dislike a manager who is: Too touchy-feely Indecisive Worried about making unpopular decisions Leading Traditionalists

  19. They prefer a manager who is: Consensual Democratic Warm & caring Treats them as an equal Is a “people” person Works with the group to define their vision & mission Assures them they are making a difference They dislike a manager who: Isn’t open to input Is bureaucratic Sends a “my-way-or-the-highway” message Leading Baby Boomers

  20. Prefer a manager who is: Competent Genuine Results-oriented Informal Is direct & straightforward Sets project deadlines & lets them loose to accomplish it Looks for opportunities to develop them Dislike a manager who: Micromanages them Doesn’t walk-the-talk Spends too much time on process and too little time on results Leading Gen X

  21. Prefer managers who is: Educational Positive Collaborative Achievement-oriented Knows their personal goals, and coaches and supports them Fosters work/life balance Dislikes a manager who: Is cynical Treats them as if they are too young to be valuable Is threatened by their technical savvy Leading the Millennials

  22. Platinum Rule Treat others as they want to be treated.

  23. Motivating & Rewarding

  24. Communication

  25. Work Culture

  26. One Work Culture • Flexible • Open • Responsive • Diverse • Developmental • Retention-oriented

  27. 10 Tips • Learn about the culture of each generation • Understand what makes them tick • Manage each generation right • Bridge the natural differences • Find a common purpose

  28. 10 Tips Continued • Keep the communication flowing • Make more one-on-one time • Dive into social networking • Mix and match • Link positive actions to recognition

  29. Questions/Comments

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