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WDCS Induction Training

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WDCS Induction Training. Terminating Fax Numbers Duration 1 Hour. Presented by Ben Stickels. Pre - Requisites for this Module. Working knowledge of sending and receiving faxes or understanding of the concept. Computer experience as Winfax Pro is discussed.

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wdcs induction training

WDCS Induction Training

Terminating Fax Numbers

Duration 1 Hour

Presented by Ben Stickels

pre requisites for this module
Pre - Requisites for this Module
  • Working knowledge of sending and receiving faxes or understanding of the concept.
  • Computer experience as Winfax Pro is discussed.
by the end of this module you will be able to
By the end of this module, you will be able to:
  • Understand what a Terminating Fax number is, and what it does.
  • Explain the workings of the Fax Mailbox.
  • Activate and de-activate a fax number for the customer.
  • Set diversions for the Fax line specifically.
contents terminating fax number
Contents - Terminating Fax Number
  • What is it? Who would use this?
  • Network Architecture
  • Activation and De-activation Process
  • Associated Costs
  • Any known issues / Troubleshooting
  • Hands on
  • Fault reporting
  • What’s on Easenet?
terminating fax number what is it
Terminating Fax Number - what is it?
  • A second line, attached to a user’s service for the purpose of receiving faxes only.
  • Can be used to download faxes to a Laptop/PC or directly to a landline based fax machine.
  • Comes with a Fax Mailbox on GSM services that stores faxes in the same manner that Messagebank stores voicemail.
  • Used mainly by professionals or anyone needing access to faxes on the move.
is a fax number necessary
Is a Fax number necessary?

A fax number is only used for inbound faxes. If you’re sending faxes only, you don’t need a separate fax line.

fax number and mailbox how does it work

Fax Mailbox

Fax Number and Mailbox - How does it work?

A fax received to a mobile can be diverted to the Fax Mailbox, directly to a land based fax or received to a laptop.

activation and de activation process
Activation and de-activation Process

GSM activation Process. Must be done in this order:

don t forget to divert the fax line to 109
Don’t forget to divert the fax line to 109

Take a look at EASEnet for diversion codes.

> Products and Services

> Messaging and Communications

> Fax Mailbox

what if a customer requests a particular number

What if a customer requests a particular number?

Available numbers can be searched for using MICA. Just go to the NLST screen and put in the desired number, or add the first few digits followed by a % to do a wildcard search.

known issues
Known Issues
  • You MUST add the Fax Mailbox in PAVL before adding the fax number. Mica has problems if added the other way around.
  • Faxes need to be sent from a 3.1Khz Audio Compliant telephone line, or the prime number will be reached.
  • If you get “Mailbox Address not found” when trying to add the FAXMAIL code, change home MSA to a capital city.
associated costs
Associated Costs
  • $11 per Month including GST
  • 5.5c per 30secs for diversion to 109
  • 11c per 30secs for calling 109
  • Standard NDD charges apply when downloading faxes from 109. Note, this is separate to the “calling 109” charges.
mobile number portability
Mobile Number Portability

Bringing a Fax line across from another carrier

  • This is done via MNP FOH6
  • The fax line MUST be brought across from the losing carrier BEFORE the prime line. The ported fax line will sit in DIGN as pending until the prime line has been brought across.
  • Once the prime line is cutover, the fax line can then be applied in BEAR.
  • Look at MNP-FOH info on Brett’s Website.
hands on

Hands On

We’ll now see fax mailbox in action.

Add a fax number to a service.

Set appropriate diverts for Mailbox.

Setup the mailbox.

Send a fax to the mailbox.

Download the fax from the mailbox using the laptop.