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Pd. 4 Group 7. Location. Matera, Italy.

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matera italy
Matera, Italy

In our version of “Taming of the Shrew,” we will have three major scenes. These scenes will all be filmed within the city of Matera, Italy. Matera is a perfect fit, as it is a small old town that is not far from the actual city that Shakespeare wrote. It has all the essential components that we will need to film.

scene one
Scene One

The first main scene will be when Lucentio first sees Bianca and Baptista consults Hortensio and Tranio. This scene will take place outside a rich house that we chose as Baptista’s House. A courtyard would be perfect for the scene, although we could settle for just outside a rich house. The house will have to be old, in good shape, and large by most standards. The courtyard will also have to fit everyday life for Shakespeare’s time period.

scene two
Scene Two

The second scene is the wedding between Petruchio and Kate. This will have to be filmed within a church in Matera. Matera having many old churches, will allow us to film the scene perfection. The church will be decorated so that it looks as though a wedding will take place. We would also have to get extras to be bystanders for the wedding.


Photo From- http://www.hickerphoto.com/data/media/3/ad_35258n.jpg

scene three
Scene Three

The third and final scene is the wife test. The scene will take place within Baptista’s house that we had picked for scene one. We would film it in the dining hall of the house. The dining room will have to be decorated as if they just got done dining.


Photo From- htt http://img2.travelblog.org/Photos/32639/136501/f/958709-Harry-Potter-Dining-Hall-0.jpg