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Project Time Management For Construction PowerPoint Presentation
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Project Time Management For Construction

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Project Time Management For Construction
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Project Time Management For Construction

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  1. Project Time Management For Construction BuilderStorm Online Construction Project Management Software

  2. Project Time Management • Project time management is often cited as the main source of conflict on projects, and most IT projects exceed time estimates. • Main processes include: • Activity definition • Activity sequencing • Activity resource estimating • Activity duration estimating • Schedule development • Schedule control

  3. Project Time Management Processes • Action definition: Identifying the particular activities that the task members and stakeholders must perform to create the project deliverables. • Action sequencing: Identifying and archiving the connections between task exercises. • Action asset evaluating: Estimating what number of assets an undertaking group ought to use to perform project activities. • Activity duration estimating: Estimating the quantity of work periods that are expected to finish individual activities. • Plan improvement: Analyzing action successions, movement asset evaluations, and action span assessments to make the venture plan. • Plan control: Controlling and overseeing changes to the undertaking plan.

  4. Activity Definition • An activity or task is an element of work that defines expected duration, a cost, and resource requirements. • Project schedules grow out of the basic documents that initiate a project which charter includes start and end dates and budget information. • Activity definition involves developing a more detailed explanations to understand all the work to be done, so you can develop realistic cost and duration estimates.

  5. Activity Resource Estimating • Before estimating activity durations, you must have a good idea of the quantity and type of resources that will be assigned to each activity. • Important issues in estimating resources: • How difficult will it be to complete specific activities on this project? • What is the organization’s history in doing similar activities? • Are the required resources available?

  6. Gantt Charts • Gantt diagrams give a standard organization to showing venture plan data by listing project activities and their corresponding start and finish dates in a calendar format.

  7. Schedule Development • Uses results of the other time management processes to determine the start and end dates of the project. • Extreme objective is to make a practical undertaking plan that gives a premise to observing task progress for the time measurement of the venture. • Important tools and techniques include Gantt charts, critical path analysis and critical chain scheduling.

  8. Schedule Control Goals are to know the status of the calendar, impact calculates that bring about timetable changes, verify that the calendar has changed, and oversee changes when they happen. Tools and techniques include: • Progress reports. • A schedule change control framework. • Venture administration programming, including plan examination graphs. • Variance analysis, such as analyzing float or slack. • Performance management.

  9. Using Software to Assist in Time Management • Software for facilitating communication helps people exchange schedule-related information. • Decision support models help analyze trade-offs that can be made. • Project management software can help in various time management areas.

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